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PI manufactures precision motion systems including a line of compact, high resolution, fast steering mirrors - based on piezo-electric and voice coil motors, with friction free flexure guides.  PI steering mirrors have been used in many image stabilization and laser beam steering applications around the world and in space. In addition to the fast steering platforms, PI also provides controllers and high-performance alignment and tracking algorithms, such as used in optics alignment, LIDAR manufacturing, and Silicon Photonics and Quantum Photonics applications. 

PI’s in-house engineered solutions have enabled customers around the world to increase their productivity and technological advantage for 5 decades. With world-class precision motion and automation systems including piezo motors, air bearings, hexapod 6-DOF motion platforms, PI is in the position to quickly modify existing designs or provide a fully customized OEM solution to fit the exact requirements of your application from active optics alignment, sensors and transducers, fast focusing stages, and multi-axis automation systems.


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PI: Pushing Boundaries in Photonics

PI’s expertise in Performance Automation, Nanopositioning, and Piezo Technology are the basis for sustainable growth in photonics. Working together with customers, we push the...
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Motion Control for Photonics Automation

PI at Photonics West: Multiple alignment engines for SiP; compact gantries for photonics automation; a new 5-axis air bearing system for laser processing; 6DOF Hexapods for photonics...


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Software & Accessories

Nanopositioning stage suited for optics positioning

The A-361 PIglide air bearing XY-Theta-Z nanopositioning stage allows travel in X and Y directions ±2.5 mm.
Software & Accessories

Fiber alignment systems available for single- and double-sided alignment

The F-712.HAx fiber alignment systems are based on motion hardware and an E-712 controller.
(Photo credit: SPIE)

Preview: SPIE Photonics West 2024 exhibitor products

Here's a snapshot of what will be shown on the SPIE Photonics West 2024 exhibit floor.
Software & Accessories

Direct-drive rotation stages provide position accuracy of 10 µrad

The V-622, V-623, and V-625 rotary stages have frictionless electromagnetic torque motors, precision ball bearings, and multi-orientation mounting.
Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Direct-drive linear stage modules provide acceleration up to 5g

V-855 and V-857 direct-drive linear modules can be operated as high load stages or linear actuators.
Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Automated photonics alignment system uses embedded alignment routines

The F-142 automated multi-axis photonics alignment system is a 3-DOF alignment stage based on friction-free air bearings and linear motors.
Photo 29530279 © Ivelinr | Dreamstime.com
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Executive Forum

PI investing in innovation for photonics market

PI executives discuss their market outlook and the company’s commitment to innovation.
(Photo credit: PI)
Markus Spanner, CEO of Physik Instrumente (PI)
Executive Forum

Precision and motion tools: Meet Markus Spanner, CEO of Physik Instrumente

In this interview, Jose Pozo, Optica’s CTO, talks to CEO Markus Spanner about his experience taking over his father’s company and leading it through a global pandemic.
Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Two-axis fast steering mirror platform available

The V-931 two-axis fast steering mirror platform (FSM) uses a frictionless, precision flexure guiding mechanism.
Photo 242617254 © Penchan Pumila | Dreamstime.com
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Executive Forum

Photonics business roundup: August 2022

Let’s recap all the business announcements in photonics from August 2022.

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Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Micropositioning stage offers 40 mm/sec velocity

The L-836 stackable, universal linear micropositioning translation stage is suited for industrial applications in X, XY, and XYZ.
Software & Accessories

Motorized optical mirror mounts achieve large angles up to 16°

The N-480 series kinematic motorized optical mirror mounts have use in applications where large angles, high stability, and lower dynamics are required.
Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Micropositioning robot provides linear motion in X, Y, Z

The hexapod H-840.G2IHP micropositioning robot also provides 6 degrees of freedom and step resolution of 20 nm.
Photo 239008597 © Penchan Pumila | Dreamstime.com
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Executive Forum

Photonics business roundup: May 2022

It’s time to recap all the photonics business news that was announced in May 2022.
(Courtesy of PI)
FIGURE 1. In the development of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, a nanopositioning system created by PI features a high-precision, 6-axis robotic hexapod, used to align the telescope’s 18 large mirror segments.
Software & Accessories

Evolving nanopositioning systems expand application base

As biotechnology, laser processing, astronomy, and other applications advance, the evolution of nanometer-precise motion control and positioning with high throughput will be crucial...
Pi Physik Instrumente
Software & Accessories

Low-profile rotary stages provide resolution to 0.0015 µrad

The A-630 series includes A-634 and A-638 model direct drive rotary stages with 150 and 350 mm table diameters, respectively.
Pi Physik Instrumente Cropped
Software & Accessories

Closed-loop piezo controller and integrated driver has use in nanopositioning

The E-709 closed-loop piezo controller and integrated driver provides a 20 kHz sampling rate for image processing, scanning, and microscopy applications.
Software & Accessories

Piezo flexure stage has uses in life science applications

P-725 PIFOC piezo flexure stages are available in 100, 400, and 800 µm travel ranges.
PI (Physik Instrumente)
Silicon Valley Tech Center Opening In Ca Pi Highres
Executive Forum

PI expands West Coast presence with Silicon Valley Tech Center

The Fremont, CA-based Tech Center will house innovation creation, permanent product demos, and conference and training space.
Software & Accessories

Mini nanopositioning stage features an air bearing guide

The A-142 nanopositioning and linear alignment stage delivers 10 mm of hysteresis-free linear travel and supports 3 kg loads.
(Credit: PI)
Changzhou Research Development Manufacturing Center Pi Highres
Executive Forum

PI further expands in Asia-Pacific region

The new R&D and manufacturing center in Changzhou, China has the goal of providing faster delivery and support of its precision motion control and nanopositioning solutions to...
(Credit: PI)
Pi Pgw Pressrelease Granite Image
Executive Forum

Nanopositioning specialist PI acquires granite base machining company PGW

The acquisition will provide granite plates with high flatness and system integration capabilities for PI’s nanopositioning solutions used in the semiconductor, life sciences,...
Software & Accessories

Multiaxis motion subsystem offers travel ranges from 204 to 407 mm

The X-417 multiaxis motion subsystem is an x-y system made of two 3-phase motor-powered V-417 linear stages.
Pi Cropped
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI linear motor stage achieves 2.5 µm accuracy

The V-817 linear stage has a load capacity of 600 N, travel range from 204 to 813 mm, and velocity to 3000 mm/s.
Pi Physik Instrumente
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI miniature rotary stage provides 20 N load capacity

The RS-40 V7 miniature rotary stage provides angular velocity of 20°/sec. and minimum incremental motion and repeatability of 87 µrad.
Pi Physik Instrumente 5f6b56994ce23
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI linear stages are driven by three-phase linear motors

The V-817 linear stages have a load capacity of 600 N, travel ranges from 204 to 813 mm, and velocities to 3000 mm/s.
Pi (physik Instrumente)
Test & Measurement

PI optical power meters available in one- and two-channel versions

The F-712.IRP1 and two-channel F-712.IRP2 optical power meters convert optical signals in the 600–1700 nm range with optical power from 230 pW to 1.3 mW.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI vacuum stage features noncontact optical reference switch

The L-509 vacuum stage series is offered for three different vacuum levels up to 10-9 hPa with linear motion ranges of 26, 52, and 102 mm.
(Image credit: PI)
FIGURE 1. Example alignment system for high-throughput industrial automation, based on a gantry, gripper, and two hexapods.
Test & Measurement

Piezoelectric control technology aligns many optical junctions in parallel

A fully parallel gradient search simultaneously aligns multiple couplings, multiple degrees of freedom, and multiple channels, even if they interact.
Pi Updated
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI rotary stage has utility in optical alignment

The A-688 custom rotary stage features air bearings, a frameless, slotless torque motor, and optical encoders.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI gantry motion system integrates ironless linear motors

The A-351 gantry motion system is driven by linear motors and guided by precision mechanical linear bearings.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Rotation stage from PI provides peak torque of 1.2 Nm

The V-610 rotation stage is equipped with a high-force, three-phase, torque motor.
1905 Lfw Pro 8
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI linear motor stage features 1 nm sensor resolution

The V-417.336025E1 long travel linear motor stage provides 32 in. of travel.
1903 Lfw Pro 15
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PI high-power piezo amplifier is offered in two standard versions

The E-619 high-power piezo amplifier is designed to drive high-capacitance multilayer piezo actuators with rapid rise times or high frequencies.
1811 Lfw Pro 7
Positioning, Support & Accessories

XY linear translation stage from PI has an incremental linear encoder

The V-738 XY linear translation stage is a computer-controllable, two-axis positioning system with a clear aperture.
FIGURE 1. Aligning parts that have become misaligned because of stress, creep, or settling processes is an application for active shims, when submicron or even nanometer precision and stability are required.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Motion Control: Active piezo shims improve precision of optical assemblies

Because of the down-to-nanometer-range resolution of their piezo elements, active shims cover applications in precision engineering and alignment of optical components.
(Courtesy of Cascade Microtech, a FormFactor company)
FIGURE 1. Two H-811 miniature hexapods made by PI for fast, multichannel parallel alignment (FMPA) are mounted on a Cascade Microtech silicon-photonics wafer prober.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Photonics Products: Vibration Control: Hexapods provide precise positioning in six axes

Hexapods come in high-precision, high-accuracy, and high-load versions and serve to align optics for assembly, simulate or isolate vibration, and many other tasks.
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Integrated control of galvo and x-y stage improves laser-scribing accuracy

The new process allows simultaneous control and movement of the galvanometer scanner and the x-y stage.
(Courtesy of PI)
FIGURE 1. Silicon photonics couplings often deviate from clean predictable Gaussian coupling cross-section. Profiles of this sort cannot be reliably optimized with traditional alignment algorithms. Otherwise, the optimization risks locking onto one of the local optima rather than the global optimum. This can be efficiently achieved by performing an areal scan of the target area, thereby mapping the coupling cross-section across its full extent. A piezo-based scanner can achieve this in fractions of a second.
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Positioning: Silicon photonics manufacturing requires parallelism in alignment processes

To make silicon photonics devices profitably at scale, automation subsystems require alignment processes that support steps from device characterization at the wafer level to ...
1710 Lfw Pro 12
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Compact XY stage from PI offers motion up to 200 mm/s

The U-723 compact linear stage provides >0.8 in. travel per axis (22 x 22 mm), with a footprint of 42 x 42 mm.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2017 07 1708lfw Pro 8 Web
Test & Measurement

PI hexapod provides six degrees of freedom

The H-811.i2 compact hexapod has a parallel-kinematic design that provides six degrees of freedom, making it more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems.
(Credit: ESO)
One segment of the giant primary mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope undergoing testing at ESO’s facility in Germany in 2012.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Physik Instrumente to build position actuators for primary mirror of ESO's ELT

The PACTs will adjust the positions of the 798 hexagonal segments of the primary mirror of Extremely Large Telescope.
1706 Lfw Pro 10
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Linear actuator from PI has a 52 mm positioning range

The L-239 linear actuator can handle pushing forces of up to 300 N (66 lbs).
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PI nanopositioning controller provides 500 mA peak current

The E-754 nanopositioning controller is designed for closed-loop piezo mechanisms with capacitive position feedback sensors.
1701 Lfw Pro 5
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Single-axis piezo stages from PI provide resolution of less than 0.1 nm

The PiHera P-620.1–P-629.1 piezo flexure nanopositioning stages feature X-Y travel to 1800 μm.
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PI acquires majority of Israeli-based ACS Motion Control

PI has acquired 80% of ACS Motion Control, a developer and manufacturer of controllers and drives for multi-axis systems.
Scott Jordan (left) and PI's vice president of sales and marketing, Stephane Bussa (right).
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI names Jordan as head of photonics market segment

PI (Physik Instrumente) has appointed Scott Jordan as head of the company's Photonics Market Segment.
(Courtesy of PI)
FIGURE 1. An aerial image of a building is shown with (right) and without (left) image stabilization and resolution enhancement.
Detectors & Imaging

Imaging: Piezo and hexapod motion systems improve image stability and resolution

Fast mechanical systems are available to the optical engineer for improving image resolution and stability, as well as providing multi-axis motion simulation methods for testing...
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2016 08 Pi M122 C863 1500w
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PI motorized positioning stage has a 25 mm travel range

The M-122 low-profile motorized positioning stage, which has a 60 × 86 mm footprint and a 25 mm travel range, has uses in research and industrial applications.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2016 08 Pi
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Three-axis controller from PI is macro-programmable

The E-873.3QTU three-axis controller features integrated power amplifiers and an interpolator, and is macro-programmable for standalone functionality of each channel.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2016 07 Pi H840hex Drone 1500w
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PI hexapods support loads from 2 to 1000 kg

The H-140 and H-860 hexapods derive 6-axis movement from actuators placed in parallel between a top and bottom platform.
1607 Lfw Pro 14
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI linear positioning stage provides position feedback with 100 nm resolution

With speed up to 200 mm/s, the U-521 compact linear positioning stage is driven by a patented ultrasonic piezo electric motor.
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Hexapod positioner from PI has load capacity of 1500 g

The P-915KWEF miniature hexapod is designed for dynamic error correction in all three linear and rotation axes.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2015 October Pi Web
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Nanopositioner from PI provides vibrationless motion

The PIHera Z flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning stage has travel ranges of 50 to 250 µm or 400 µm open-loop. Flexure-guided piezo positioning stages provide vibrationless motion...
1501prod Pi
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Linear stage from PI provides 500 mm travel and half-micron resolution

The M-417 linear stage has a motorized precision positioner for computer-control of automation and precision assembly applications.
Pi (physik Instrumente)
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Nanopositioner from Physik Instrumente provides travel ranges up to 2 mm along optical axis

The N-725 nanopositioning system combines the performance a fine-focus piezo drive and a stepper motor positioner for coarse, long-travel motion.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2013 07 High Load Hex Test 1000 Pi Web
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI adds new manufacturing capabilities for precision hexapod positioners

Parallel precision positioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has added a new building with more production floors, metrology labs, and R&D office space to its Karlsruhe, ...
C-884 four-axis digital servo controller from PI (Physik Instrumente)

Motion controller from PI has servo update rate of 20 kHz

The C-884 four-axis digital servo controller was designed to control motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners.
1210 Lfw Prod21 Pi
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI introduces parallel robotic positioners

Hexapod/SpaceFAB six-axis robotic parallel positioners are designed for advanced applications in bio/nanotechnology, aerospace, medical technology, and lasers/photonics.
(Courtesy PI)
Piezoelectric actuators and positioning stages from Physik Instrumente (PI) and the now PI miCos are accompanying the instrumentation aboard the Mars Curiosity rover to keep it moving and functioning smoothly.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Positioners and piezo actuators from PI and PI miCos keep Mars Curiosity roving smoothly

Piezoelectric actuators from PI and positioning stages from the now PI miCos are making sure that the Mars Curiosity rover functions smoothly.
PI M-687 motorized microscope XY stage system

PI motorized microscope XY stage system features integrated 100 nm linear encoders

The new M-687 motorized microscope XY stage system for inverted microscopes features fully integrated, miniaturized ceramic linear drives.
(Image courtesy of PI)
FIGURE 1. Z-tables-such as the PIFOC z-axis microscopy piezo focusing stage from PI accommodates most specimen holders, enabling high-resolution sample positioning and scanning.

PRODUCT FOCUS: Microscope nanopositioning

Nanopositioning is a key enabler for such super-resolution microscopy techniques as photoactivated localization microscopy, spatially modulated illumination, and stimulated emission...
PI PInano series super-resolution microscope stages
Positioning, Support & Accessories

PI super-resolution microscope stages available in XY and XYZ models

The PInano series super-resolution microscope stages include 200 µm XY and XYZ models with direct-measuring capacitive sensors or piezoresistive sensors.
Content Dam Lfw Online Articles 2011 09 1109lfw Pi

PI acquires majority share in micropositioning specialist miCos

Piezo and nanopositioning technology supplier PI (Physik Instrumente) has acquired a majority share of Eschbach, Germany-based micropositioning/motion control specialist miCos...
PI (Physik Instrumente) M-660 low-profile rotary table
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Physik Instrumente low-profile rotary table suits optical instrumentation

A higher-precision version of the M-660 low-profile rotary table can accelerate to velocities of 720 degrees/sec.
FIGURE 1. A nanopositioning stage equipped with inferred-metrology piezoresistive sensors (PRSs; a) is compared to a more precise unit with direct-metrology capacitive feedback (b). In the latter, the stage platform is measured directly, greatly improving stability and position linearity and eliminating crosstalk errors.
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MOTION CONTROL: Nanopositioning technology shows progress on multiple levels

Nanometer resolution for motion-control devices is becoming increasingly necessary in many areas of photonics. Advances in piezo motion control are eliminating traditional tradeoffs...

PI to invest $13 million for extension of piezo-ceramics factory

Motion-control specialist Physik Instrumente (PI) and piezo-ceramics specialist PI Ceramic are planning to invest approximately $13 million for the third extension of their piezo...
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PI nanopositioning controller offers two notch filters

The E-709 nanopositioning controller provides fifth-order polynomial digital linearization for higher accuracy than analog, and has two notch filters, piezo operation, and DAC...
10 Lfw 25 Pi
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Translation stages from Physik Instrumente offer backlash-free positioning

Closed-loop, linear-motor-equipped micropositioning systems come in two standard versions: M-692.1U4 with 20 mm stroke and M-692.2U4 with 90 mm.
7 Lfw 19 Pi
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Nanopositioning stages from Physik Instrumente accommodate microscopy accessories

The new nano1x3 series x-y and x-y-z nanopositioning stages are designed for inverted microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss.
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Six-axis positioning system with a programmable pivot point: engineers will like this

This week I'd like to mention a nice six-axis positioning system that not only appears to be easy to use, but has that special little something that will make engineers smile ...
(Courtesy of Piezosystem Jena USA)
FIGURE 1. The MICI80-KMI53 microscopy stage from Piezosystem Jena, available in both open- and closed-loop versions, can be used for positioning or scanning with sub-nanometer resolution. The ultrastiff flexure design drives the digital micrometer heads with a resolution of 1 µm, a manual range of motion of 25 mm in the x-y axes, and a piezo-based range of motion of 80 µm. A proprietary frame design links the x-y axes in a single piece of metal for superior orthogonality and flatness. A special coil spring system delivers a constant force throughout the manual travel range of the stage, allowing preload optimization over the entire range of travel for extremely low drifting behavior.
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PRODUCT FOCUS: NANOPOSITIONERS: Nanopositioning equipment answers the call from the world of the very small

Manufacturers have made strides in stages and flexure design to enable fast, accurate, nanometer-scale motion control in high-resolution microscopy and other short-travel applications...
FIGURE 1. Optimized for high-volume applications in fluid delivery, endoscopy, and embedded zoom and autofocus functions in cameras, this patented mechanism is a motor and stage in one high-speed, ultraminiature package.
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NANOPOSITIONING: Long-travel piezomotors ‘reboot’ the motion-control toolbox

Novel piezoelectric technology provides essentially unlimited travel distances, along with high axial force, exceptional speeds, compactness, and stable position-hold without ...
FIGURE 1. The latest PICMA designs in multilayer piezo actuators ­feature co-fired ceramic encapsulation, providing a wider operating temperature range, superior protection from moisture and zero outgassing-ideal for vacuum applications.
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Piezoelectric technology eases navigation in the nanoworld

Many high-tech industries have come to rely on the continuing progress in ­piezoelectric nanopositioning and micropositioning technologies.