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The Laser Processing channel features articles and other content that discuss industrial laser applications and technology.


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Laser Processing

In-process vs. at-process monitoring in industrial laser processing

June 13, 2024
Which industrial laser processing method matches your needs?
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Laser Processing

How AI reduces laser joining costs

May 15, 2024
Machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) have been introduced to decision making in quality control in a major automotive production facility.
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Laser Processing

Visiting the AKL '24 conference in Aachen, Germany

April 25, 2024
Here are some post-show thoughts about the International Laser Technology Congress (AKL '24) held April 17-19.
Fiber Optics

Hollow-core fibers revolutionize green laser technology

March 27, 2024
Researchers made a significant breakthrough in laser and fiber technology, which showcases the potential for the long-distance fiber delivery of high-power green laser pulses ...
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Laser Processing

Enabling better EV battery technology

March 21, 2024
A look inside the technological advances a TRUMPF-led project must overcome to create a compact, high-brilliance x-ray source for analyzing electric car batteries.
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Executive Forum

Ultrafast laser deals among VC activity in April

May 3, 2024
April VC activity was a bit quieter, but two ultrafast laser deals stood out.
Laser Processing

Laser marking system incorporates beam delivery, cooling, and control

March 6, 2024
The MULTISCAN VS laser marker can mark stationary or moving products on the fly.

Injection mold optical system provides operational control

Feb. 28, 2024
In plastic product production, a new automated method can optically monitor the presence of plastic parts that haven’t been pushed out of the injection mold.
Laser Processing

3D printer features a motorized beam expander

Feb. 26, 2024
The TruPrint 2000 3D printer uses a square build plate and a 500 W integrated fiber laser.