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FIGURE 1. The researchers use LUMO, a wearable, portable, high-density functional NIR imaging device equipped with modular tiles with built-in NIR light sources and detectors.
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Using near-infrared spectroscopy to help unravel the mysteries of dementia

Sept. 29, 2023
New work by a U.K. team demonstrates a new technique that enables a more detailed view of brain function, which could lead to more accurate and earlier diagnosis of diseases that...
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FIGURE 1. A sensor developed by researchers from MIT and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences was inspired by the membrane that surrounds all cells and could someday be used to screen patients for hard-to-diagnose cancers or other diseases.
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Biomimetic sensor could speed disease detection

Sept. 11, 2023
Many lives could be saved and pain alleviated if disease screening and detection were simpler and faster—and it’s exactly what an international team of researchers is working ...
(Courtesy of Yuhyun Ji, Purdue University)
A potential mHealth application is for noninvasive blood hemoglobin quantification and oxygen saturation levels. The easily accessible inner eyelid (palpebral conjunctiva) is used as a sensing site (inset).
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Turn smartphones into mobile healthcare tools

July 21, 2023
Healthcare represents a world of opportunity for smartphones when complementing hyperspectral imaging techniques with an AI-based algorithm.
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FIGURE 1. Schematic of neurochemical sensing in vivo with FOPECs.
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Plug-and-play fiber-optic sensors based on engineered cells enable in vivo monitoring of neurochemicals

July 20, 2023
Researchers in China develop fiber-optic tool based on engineered cells (FOPECs) for real-time sensing of neurochemicals at high specificity in a variety of animal species and...
(Courtesy of J. Chen et al., Nat. Methods; doi:10.1038/s41592-023-01820-3)
FIGURE 1. An optomechanical design of the SMURF two-photon microscope.
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A brain imaging trifecta

July 13, 2023
An approach to imaging electrical activity deep in the brain makes neurological studies more effective and less invasive.
Canon Medical Components
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Wireless flat-panel detectors suited for mobile applications

Aug. 13, 2023
CXDI-Elite FPDs are available in three sizes: 14 × 17, 11 × 14, and 17 × 17 in., all under 6 lbs. with the battery.
(Courtesy of Arnaldo Leal-Junior, UFES)
FIGURE 1. Smart pants integrated with 30 polymer optical fiber sensors in each leg (inset) can noninvasively track a person’s movements and specifically identify the activities.
Fiber Optics

Smarty-pants: Integrated fiber-optic fabrics

Aug. 7, 2023
Fiber-optic sensors are poised to provide information about its wearer’s types of movement and how it’s impacting their health.
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2023 Innovators Awards: Meet the honorees

Aug. 1, 2023
For the sixth straight year, Laser Focus World held its Innovators Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in the...
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Medical-grade cable module designed for single-use endoscopes

July 26, 2023
The OVMed OCHTA medical-grade cable module connects 400 × 400 resolution imagers to single-use endoscopes.