(Image credit: Matteo Ceccanti)

Polaritonic nanocavities redefine limits of light confinement

Feb. 26, 2024
A team of researchers in Israel and Spain create a new type of light confinement—and open the door to new quantum electrodynamics experiments.
(Image credit: L. Scarpelli and M. Richard)

Quantum optics technique reveals new type of light-matter interaction within semiconductors

Feb. 14, 2024
Photon-cascade correlation spectroscopy enables peering into the quantum realm: Creating an image-in-time of photons reveals whether they tend to travel together or not, which...
(Image credit: IOP)

Multiphoton effect exists within quantum interference of light

Feb. 9, 2024
Researchers in Germany and Scotland explore how the visibility of the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect is affected by contamination and disprove an assumption that multiphoton components...
(Image credit: Pusan National University)

Patterned waveguide boosts signal amplification within perovskite nanosheets

Jan. 9, 2024
Researchers in South Korea demonstrate light amplification via chemically synthesized perovskite nanosheets—a new laser medium.
(Image credit: NIST)
Science & Research

National Photonics Initiative advocates for quantum funding legislation

Nov. 10, 2023
U.S. House Science Committee introduces National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act of 2023 to expand critical research funding.
FIGURE 1. Group in the lab: Prof. Elad Koren, Dr. Assael Cohen, Dr. Vladimir Kleiner, Chieh-li Liu, Prof. Erez Hasman, Dr. Kexiu Rong, Dr. Xiaoyang Duan, Vladi Gorovoy, and Dror Reichenberg.
Lasers & Sources

Technion team achieves coherent, controllable atomic-scale spin-optical laser

Oct. 17, 2023
Spin-optical light sources combine photonic modes and electronic transitions—and provide a way to explore the exchange of spin information between both electrons and photons.

On Topic: Taking the Quantum Leap

Oct. 13, 2023
Continued progress in controlling, detecting, and manipulating single quantum objects, like photons, atoms, and electrons, has opened the door for commercialization of new quantum...
(Photo credit: LANL)
FIGURE 1. Han Htoon in the lab.
Lasers & Sources

Chiral quantum light emitter generates single photons, controls chirality, to encode data

Oct. 9, 2023
A chiral quantum light emitter acts as a novel two-fer by generating a stream of single photons and also controlling their polarization state.
(Photo credit: Jean Lachat/University of Chicago)
Philippe Guyot-Sionnest (right) and Xingyu Shen in the laboratory at the Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences at the University of Chicago.
Lasers & Sources

Colloidal quantum dots generate infrared light

Oct. 6, 2023
A novel quantum dot approach to generate infrared light opens the door to mid-infrared lasers and cost-effective sensors.