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PODCAST: Interview with Thomas Obeloer, Element Six

April 17, 2024
Episode 5 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features Thomas Obeloer, international sales director at Element Six.


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Detectors & Imaging

Quantum-inspired phase imaging is immune to instabilities

April 16, 2024
Researchers prove interferometric imaging is possible even within extremely dark and unstable conditions where intensity fringes can’t be seen.
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Lasers & Sources

Nonmetallic quantum dots are nontoxic alternative to metallic cousins

April 10, 2024
Nonmetallic quantum dots, synthesized from Earth-abundant carbon and sulfur sources, are cost-effective, versatile, biocompatible, and environmentally friendly.
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Test & Measurement

QinetiQ’s Rattler Supersonic Target Mkl simulates high-energy laser threats

April 9, 2024
In this Q&A, Owen Price, project manager of target systems for QinetiQ, chats with Laser Focus World about its Rattler Supersonic Target Mkl variants to measure high-energy laser...

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