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(Image credit: A. Rizzo et al., Nat. Photon., 17, 781–790 [Jun. 2023])

Co-packaging photonics and electronics poses challenges

May 28, 2024
At IEEE’s 74th Electronics and Components Technology Conference (ECTC), Keren Bergman gave a keynote address about different techniques and approaches to bring photonic chips ...


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PODCAST: Interview with Laurent Fulbert, CEA-Leti

May 28, 2024
Episode 8 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features Laurent Fulbert, Deputy Head of the Optics and Photonics division at CEA-Leti.
(Reproduced from J. Hu et al., Sci. Adv., 10, 12 [Mar. 20, 2024]; Distributed under CC BY 4.0
Lasers & Sources

Electrically controlled quantum dots unlock new possibilities

May 28, 2024
Researchers unveil a method to create electrically defined quantum dots on two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors, a milestone in exciton-related research that opens new avenues ...
(Image credit: Can Knaut via OpenStreetMap)
Fiber Optics

Physicists demo network of nanophotonic quantum memory nodes atop telecom fiber

May 21, 2024
In this Q&A, Harvard University’s Can Knaut, a doctoral researcher working with Mikhail Lukin, a professor of physics, shares details about their team’s recent demo sending information...

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(Courtesy of Albrecht Stroh, University Medical Center Mainz and Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research)

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