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Software & Accessories

Laser safety essentials: A comprehensive checklist for secure operations

July 12, 2024
Safety while using laser technologies is crucial to prevent accidents and protect workers. This comprehensive laser safety checklist covers risk assessment, personnel training...


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Detectors & Imaging

Photodiodes can help save apples and the planet

Food loss and waste are serious problems for mankind and for the planet, but low-cost sensors can assess fruit quality along the value chain.
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Detectors & Imaging

Pump-probe microscopy advances artwork restoration

July 10, 2024
Using nonlinear optical imaging to detect chemical changes in paint pigment, researchers aim to help restore classic artwork to its original vibrancy.
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Executive Forum

Expansion paves way for European and North American PIC collaboration

July 9, 2024
$1.2 billion backed photonic chip accelerator seeks to speed up the creation and adoption of advanced semiconductors enabled by integrated photonics.

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Photonics Hot List: July 12, 2024

July 12, 2024
In this episode: Environmental monitoring is possible via light-run robot, nonlinear optics fix light distortion, and a quantum memory drum stores data.
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Photonics Hot List: July 5, 2024

July 5, 2024
In this episode: a chip sensor detects foodborne pathogens, a mesoscope boosts in vivo bioimaging, and a photonic topological insulator aids quantum research.

Photonics Hot List: June 28, 2024

June 28, 2024
In this episode: On-chip tech revolutionizes cell therapy, quantum inertial navigation could replace GPS, and edge computing gets a boost from imaging tech.

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