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Photonic integrated circuit packaging prototype moves to testing

July 17, 2024
A low-cost alternative to the existing hermetic butterfly-style package, an air-cavity liquid crystal polymer (LCP) package, can replace traditional hermetic butterfly packages...
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Adaptive optics at speed of light via nonlinear optics?

July 8, 2024
University of Witwatersrand researchers in South Africa find fast fix for distortions—without measurement—using structured light with nonlinear optics.
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Precision infrared technology and evolving regulations revolutionize emissions tracking

July 5, 2024
Thanks to advances in filter coating technology, laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS) detectors are becoming more readily accessible for methane emission detection and tracking...
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PODCAST: Interview with Daniel Feezell and Jean-Claude Diels, University of New Mexico

July 2, 2024
Episode 10 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features Daniel Feezell and Jean-Claude Diels of the Optical Science and Engineering Department at the University of New...
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Tiny ‘quantum memory’ drum stores data sent via laser as ultrasonic vibrations

July 1, 2024
A new way to create a quantum memory introduces optomechanical systems based on a tiny drum as an alternative to platforms such as atomic ensembles or crystals doped with rare...
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Detectors & Imaging

Non-browning lenses are radiation-resistant

June 15, 2024
Custom non-browning lenses are optimized for high-definition CMOS sensors.
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Quantum technologies take off!

June 14, 2024
Taking quantum technologies into space opens a universe of possibilities—including prospects for a globe-spanning space quantum internet.
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Fiber Optics

Optical transceiver module supports up to 20 km reach

June 12, 2024
The XGS-PON & GPON combo OLT SFP+ BiDi optical transceiver module facilitates seamless network rate deployment within optical distribution networks based on optical network unit...
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Executive Forum

Optical material companies top May's VC activity

June 7, 2024
Companies using innovative thin film or surface texturing technology to tailor optical properties made VC news.