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The Lasers & Sources channel features articles and other content that discuss the design and applications of all types of lasers, amplifiers, and other advanced sources like LEDs.


(Reproduced from Chirkov, A.Y.; Kazakov, 2023, CC BY 4)
Lasers & Sources

Fusion future: A tale of two nuclear reactions

June 26, 2024
High-energy lasers are increasingly being explored to trigger fusion ignition.
(Photo credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)
Lasers & Sources

Femtosecond laser creates ‘programmable’ optical qubits in silicon

June 18, 2024
In this Q&A, Kaushalya Jhuria, a postdoctoral scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), shares details about her team’s recent demonstration of a method...
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PODCAST: Interview with William Burgess, Power Technology

June 11, 2024
Episode 9 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features William Burgess, co-CEO at Power Technology.
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Lasers & Sources

Bright future anticipated for DPSS lasers

June 3, 2024
If DPSS lasers overtake excimer lasers, Lithuania is prepared to embrace the shift.
(Photo credit: LightSolver)
Lasers & Sources

LightSolver rolls out quantum-inspired LPU100

May 31, 2024
Ruti Ben-Shlomi, CEO and cofounder of LightSolver, a startup that developed a quantum-inspired laser-based processing unit, talks to us about their disruptive computing paradigm...
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Laser Processing

In-process vs. at-process monitoring in industrial laser processing

June 13, 2024
Which industrial laser processing method matches your needs?
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Lasers & Sources

LED pattern projectors feature built-in driver

June 9, 2024
LT2PRXP and LT2PRUP series LED pattern projectors offer 40 W and 100 W continuous and strobe LED pattern projection, respectively.
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Executive Forum

Lighting, light sources, cameras, and imaging technology lead this month’s Photonics IP Update

June 5, 2024
This roundup summarizes photonics-related patent litigation and Patent Office procedures for May.
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Lasers & Sources

Fiber amplifier module has use in single-frequency pulse amplification

June 4, 2024
The AP-AMP-MOD-1550 fiber amplifier module features 1.5 mJ pulses and up to 20 W average power.