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The Software & Accessories channel features articles and other content that discuss lens and optical design software programs, as well as the parts, accessories, and “add-ons” for setting up, running, and maintaining photonics systems.


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FIGURE 1. Schematic illustration of the PSR (a), simulated mode conversion efficiencies at the top and bottom waveguides with TE0 mode as the input (b), and simulated mode conversion efficiencies at the top and bottom waveguides with TM0 mode as the input (c) are shown. The insets show the field intensity plots.
Software & Accessories

Breaking time barriers: Millimeter-scale photonic simulations in minutes

Sept. 20, 2023
Two case studies demonstrate the transformative impact of advanced parallel computing on the field of computational electromagnetics.
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Software & Accessories

Simulation and modeling for quantum photonics

June 14, 2023
Ivan Nikitski, EPIC’s Photonics Technology program manager, talks to Mirella Koleva, CEO and cofounder of Quantopticon, makers of simulation software to streamline the design ...
FIGURE 1. The metal-dielectric interface in a plane at y = 0. This system supports SPPs propagating in the x direction and exponentially decaying in the y direction.
Software & Accessories

Simulation of surface plasmon polaritons

March 10, 2023
The hunt is on for better plasmonic designs, and optical simulation software will play an important role.
FIGURE 1. At the end of the fiber, the output field is no longer the same as the input field. To absorb the outgoing wave, a general absorbing artificial material is used (aka a perfectly matched layer).
Software & Accessories

Full-wave multiphysics simulation of optical fibers

July 25, 2022
Full-wave multiphysics simulations for optical fibers require sophisticated modeling and simulation techniques.
NSA’s Utah Data Center is said to store data for future decryption.
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Quantum-safe cryptography on the horizon

March 7, 2022
Can quantum computers crack secure data transmission? Not yet, but encryption technology is already prepared for that day.
Software & Accessories

Pan-tilt rotation system offers maximum speed of 10 rpm

Oct. 28, 2023
A pan-tilt rotation system offers a maximum speed of 10 rpm for use with small optics and sensors.
Thinoxide Software
Software & Accessories

Web-based thin-film design software program available

Oct. 21, 2023
Thinoxide is a free, web-based software that provides a graphical implementation of the thin-film transfer-matrix method for prototyping interference-based structures such as ...
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Lasers & Sources

LED-on-foil technology meets automotive standards

Oct. 19, 2023
ALIYOS technology enables mini-LEDs to be applied onto a thin, flexible, transparent substrate.
Software & Accessories

Three-axis gimbal mounts are designed for larger cameras

Oct. 18, 2023
The AU400-AER series of three-axis gimbal mounts are 588 × 463 mm, and accommodate up to 10 kg.