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Attenuators, fiber-optic

OZ Optics Ltd

OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks.
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Instrumentation, metrology

Mad City Labs Inc

Mad City Labs designs & manufactures nanopositioning and micropositioning systems suitable for photonics, interferometry, microscopy, astronomy, and imaging applications.
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Applied Scientific Instrumentation

Manufactures hardware for microscope automation and fluorescence microscopy. Products include closed-loop DC servo drives for ultra-precise xyz-axis control, precision micromanipulation...

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Positioning & sensing equipment

Confirming Picometer Performance

When evaluating nanopositioners and their performance, interpreting published specifications from multiple vendors is challenging. In addition, the technical specification is ...
Nanolp No Bckgnd
Positioning & sensing equipment

Piezo nanopositioners for optical and force microscopy

Ultra-low profile 3 axis nanopositioning system with sub-nanometer precision under closed loop control. Designed for single molecule microscopy, super resolution microscopy and...
Mad Deck With Bb Tspt
Positioning & sensing equipment


The Mad-Deck™ is a versatile stage platform designed for a variety of advanced microscopy techniques. It is ideal for microscopy and imaging applications that require free access...
A dual-stage rotation stage coupled to optical fibers at the input and output ports
Rotation & Translation stages

Precision Motorized Polarization Rotation Stage

Oz Optics handy and cost-effective motorized rotators enable precise control of the polarization states of a single optical stage or multi-stage system with multiple optical paths...
Mmp3 H Tspt
Positioning & sensing equipment

MMP Series

The MMP series are precision, stepper motor driven micropositioners with 25mm travel and 95nm step size. Available in 1, 2 or 3 axis models and are modular in design.
Nano Mta2
Positioning & sensing equipment

Nano-MTA Series

Closed loop piezo nanopositioning system for beam steering. Single and two axis models with up to 10 milliradians of motion per axis. The Nano-MTA has nanoradian resolution and...
Fiber Coil 1000
Positioning & sensing equipment

Fiber Gyro Coil for FOGs in Inertial Navigation System

In the epoch of groundbreaking technological strides, navigation systems emerged as foundational pillars, driving numerous advancements, especially in precision-critical sectors...
Mad Deck With Bb Tspt
Positioning & sensing equipment


The Mad-Deck™ is a versatile stage platform designed for a variety of advanced microscopy techniques. It is ideal for microscopy and imaging applications that require free access...
Newscale M3rsu2 Mirror Quarter
Rotation & Translation stages

New rotary microstage delivers smallest system size and fastest integration for precision embedded motion in smaller, more powerful instruments

M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage brings M3 Smart Stage advantages – high positioning resolution, smallest size, low power, fastest integration – to system designers needing precision...
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New Scale Technologies Achieves ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certifications

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems and also ISO 13485:2016 certification for its quality management systems...
Ngsm3 Ls U2 8 250x200px
Rotation & Translation stages

New Scale Launches Miniature Smart Stage for High-Volume Product Applications

M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage delivers rapid, cost-effective integration of embedded motion into precision instruments designed for high-volume production New Scale Technologies...
Piezoelectric transducers & translators

NEW: M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage

Rotary smart stage measures less than 12 x 22 x 16mm INCLUDING built-in controller. It has closed-loop resolution of 0.022 degrees with absolute encoding. Accepts direct input...
Bm10 New

BM-10 Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform

The BM-10 has Minus K’s signature 0.5 Hz vertical natural frequency and 1.5 Hz horizontal natural frequency. It offers 10-100 times better performance than a full size air table...
Ct2 Aspectnew

CT-2 Ultra-Thin Low-Height Tabletop Vibration Isolation Platform

The Compact Tabletop (CT-2) uses Minus K's patented technology allowing for the best performance on the market in just a 2.7 inch tall isolation platform. This completely passive...
Cm1 Cleanup
Optical benches, rails, & tables

CM-1 Compact Large Capacity Vibration Isolation

The CM-1 is a compact high capacity, low-frequency negative-stiffness isolator. They are completely passive and use No Air or Electricity. The isolators can be combined into multi...
Bm1 New2

BM-1 Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform

The BM-1 negative-stiffness vibration isolator is a large (almost 2 ft x 2 ft) high capacity bench top isolator for payload weight loads up to 1000 lbs. Providing 1/2 Hz performance...
Mk52 2 Leg
Optical benches, rails, & tables

MK52 Optical Vibration Isolation Table

Minus K MK52 Series Vibration Control Optical Table with more ergonomic comfort is designed specifically for ultra-low natural frequency applications. The system utilizes Minus...
Logo Minusk Edgiveaway

Minus K Congratulates to the following winners of Minus K's 2022/2023 Educational Giveaway

(Inglewood, California, April 3, 2023)Celebrating its’ thirtieth year in business, Minus K Technology has to-date granted over $65,000 of its superior performing patented Negative...
Positioning & sensing equipment

Hybrid Hexapod

ALIO’s patented next generation Hybrid Hexapod® takes a different approach to traditional 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) positioning devices, and exhibits much higher performance...
Rotation & Translation stages

Linear Motion Systems

ALIO’s linear motion products have been designed and manufactured to have no equal in terms of performance and reliability. These “mechanical” bearing stages can perform at a ...
Rotation & Translation stages

Rotary Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has also developed TRUE NANO® precision rotary stages to meet and exceed today’s demand for high precision rotary motion. ALIO’s line of rotary stages continues...
Rotation & Translation stages

Z Lift & Vertical Motion Stages

ALIO Industries’ Z-Lift motion platforms were created to address the unavoidable inaccuracies of Z-wedge vertical stages, as well as to reduce the footprint and improve performance...

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