Instrumentation, spectroscopy

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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...

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Easy Light
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

easyLIGHT VUV spectrometer and monochromator

Versatile and compact spectrometer covering 80-300nm spectral range with optional monochromator mode. Best-in-class grating efficiency. Closed-loop grating positioning provides...
Max Light
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

maxLIGHT XUV spectrometer and beamprofiler

Maximum light collection and highest system efficiency available in an XUV spectrometer. The integrated beam profiler makes it a complete characterization tool for any XUV source...
Beam Line
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

beamLINE turn-key HHG beamlines

Low maintenance beamlines for generation of coherent XUV/EUV radiation allowing for full focus on the experiment. Modular system design with excellent accessibility and extension...
Pro Xas
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

proXAS table-top NEXAFS system

Turn-key system for NEXAFS spectroscopy in the 200-1200eV range.Measurements with a quality on par with synchrotron results allow chemical state analysis in the lab. No need to...
Micro Comb
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

microCOMB pro ultra-stable wavelength calibration reference

Ultra-stable regularly-spaced comb of spectral lines for wavelength referencing for long-term measurements. Radial velocity reference for astronomy spectrographs.Learn More
Elanik Picture 2020
Instrumentation, spectroscopy


Handheld portable LIBS analyzer ELANIK for analysis of elemental composition of different materials per request, including steels, alloys, films and coatings. Alloy Matrix: Fe...
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

Laser-export presents the handheld LIBS analyzer ELANIK

Laser-export presents the handheld LIBS analyzer ELANIK®, which measures carbon concentration in steels without inert gas along with other elements. Being a portable handheld ...
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

Spectrometers for OCT Imaging

Optical coherence tomography is a powerful imaging technique for non-destructive 3D imaging of tissue and materials. At Wasatch Photonics, we know the best images start with the...
Falc Pro Black 02
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

FALC pro

Digitally controlled fast laser locking module
Instrumentation, spectroscopy


The DLC TOPO is the widest turning, narrowest linewidth CW OPO. Remote control of all tuning actuators enables hand-free operation of over 2500-6000 cm-1 without realignment or...
Doppler Free Spectroscopy
Instrumentation, spectroscopy

Compact Saturation Spectroscopy - CoSy

CoSy generates both purely Doppler-free and purely Doppler-broadened absorption saturation spectra, which can be fed directly to appropriate stabilization electronics. CoSy can...