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Lumimetric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lumispot Tech, specializes in the development and production of lasers, focusing on laser ranging modules and positioning systems, with OEM support.


Lasers, fiber (non-telecom)

1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser for Remote sensing mapping

The LiDAR Source is a 1550nm “eye-safe”, single mode nanosecond-pulsed Erbium fiber laser. It offers high peak power, low ASE signals, and nonlinear effect noise. ...
Lasers, semiconductor

Lumimetric 1064nm CW DPSS Nd:YAG Laser

The CW Diode Pump Module G2-A from Lumimetric is a high-efficiency, solid-state laser module known for its high power pumping ability and excellent beam quality. It operates in...

Press Releases

Laser diodes

Latest Product in Laser Diode Arrays Makes Its Debut

In line with the trend towards miniaturization, our company has introduced the conduction-cooled LM-808-Q2000-F-G10-P0.38-0 bar stack series. Leveraging advanced technologies ...

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