Laser systems, ultrafast

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Fc1500 Quantum
Laser systems, ultrafast

Complete solution for Quantum 2.0 applications

The FC1500-Quantum is the all-in-one ultra-stable frequency comb-based solution providing ultra-low noise comb and CW light over a wide frequency range in a fully rack-mounted...
Laser systems, ultrafast

Femtosecond Erbium Laser

• High Stability • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise • All-PM Solution • Single Mode-Lock State Menlo Systems’ fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievements...
Indylit 10
Laser systems, ultrafast


Indylit 10 is high energy air-cooled laser suitable for a variety of ultrafast applications. The laser head features an entirely passively-cooled design (patent pending), ensuring...
Vignette Satsuma
Laser systems, ultrafast


Versatile, full-featured, and compact ultrafast laser / The Satsuma family of the femtosecond laser, offers versatility in the most compact air-cooled laser platform on the market...
Vignette Tangor
Laser systems, ultrafast


Powerful, full-featured, and versatile femtosecond laser / Tangor is a high-power ultrafast laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable according...
Amphos Laser 01
Laser systems, ultrafast

AMPHOS High power ultrafast lasers

AMPHOS Laser systems are powerful ultrafast lasers covering a broad parameter range. The InnoSlab amplifier as the heart of the system determines the average output power. The...
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Laser systems, ultrafast

High-beam quality picosecond lasers “LDH series”

LDH series offers M²Learn More(Link is only available in Japanese)
Photonenergy Ps Cepheus
Laser systems, ultrafast

Picosecond laser “CEPHEUS”

CEPHEUS is a compact ultrafast laser. The pulse width of this modelocked diode pumped solid state laser are typically below 15 ps. CEPHEUS outputs a high pulse energy of up to...
Solstice Ace3 White 800wremovebg
Laser systems, ultrafast

Solstice® Ace™ High-Energy Ultrafast Amplifiers

The Solstice® Ace™ was the first femtosecond ultrafast amplifier designed, built and tested to meet rigorous industrial standards. Solstice Ace incorporates modular components...
2020 Insightx3 Transparent
Laser systems, ultrafast

InSight X3+/X3

The InSight® X3+™ and InSight® X3™ are built on the industry leading InSight platform designed for maximum performance and reliability with the largest installed base in the market...
Cohr Chameleon Discovery Nx Prodimage 0720 Right Hh
Laser systems, ultrafast


NX Dual-Output Widely-Tunable fs LaserBroadly tunable ultrafast laser for two-photon microscopy and spectroscopyHighest power, widest tuning, dual output femtosecond source for...
Img Vitara Single850x850 Hh
Laser systems, ultrafast


Automated Hands-Free Ultrashort Pulse Ti:Sa Oscillator FamilyVitara is a family of hands-free, automated, ultrashort pulse and maintenance-free ultrafast Ti:S oscillators capable...
Cohr Axon Angle Right No Umbilical New
Laser systems, ultrafast


Compact Ultrafast Laser SourcesFixed Wavelength Femtosecond LasersCompact and cost-effective ultrafast lasers for life sciences and instrumentationNow also available at 780 nm...
Cohr Astrella He Prodpic Right
Laser systems, ultrafast


Ultrafast Ti:Sa Regenerative AmplifierThis next-generation, one-box Ti:Sapphire amplifier combines market-leading performance with industrial reliability.Astrella and Astrella...
Axiom 532 Copy
Laser systems, ultrafast

Laser Quantum axiom

The axiom 532 is a high-powered CW laser in a new architecture, incorporating all the active optics within the laser head.
Laser systems, ultrafast


The helixx is a variable wavelength laser with an output beam that can be controlled between 720 nm and 920 nm via a simple touch screen panel. With a repetition rate of 250 MHz...
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Laser systems, ultrafast

Taccor one GHz femtosecond laser, 740-920 nm

The taccor is a unique turn-key femtosecond laser with integrated pump source in a hermetically sealed cavity. At 1 GHz repetition rate, delivering up to 1.6 W of average power...
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Laser systems, ultrafast

venteon ultra

The venteon ultra laser system provides unique spectral properties with an integrated DPSS pump laser on a novel designed, monolithic breadboard. It offers the shortest available...