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Microscope objectives

Shanghai Optics Inc

Shanghai Optics is an unparalleled custom optical engineering solution provider offering custom optical manufacturing, design and engineering services.
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Attenuators, fiber-optic

OZ Optics Ltd

OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks.
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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
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Safety equipment & training

Kentek Corp

Established in 1983, Kentek Corp a privately owned New Hampshire-based company is a trusted manufacturer of comprehensive laser safety products and services for end-users in Industrial...
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Instrumentation, metrology

Mad City Labs Inc

Mad City Labs designs & manufactures nanopositioning and micropositioning systems suitable for photonics, interferometry, microscopy, astronomy, and imaging applications.
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Highland Technology

Highland Technology designs and manufactures high‐performance time‐domain electronics with an emphasis on low-jitter picosecond-resolution timing, multi‐channel signal and delay...

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Beam locators & profilers

Kentek Laser Beam Detectors and Beam Dumps

VIEW-IT® LASER BEAM DETECTORS Kentek's Laser Beam Detectors feature a high-efficiency laser-sensitive material that provides an unlimited period of viewing for both pulsed...
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Building a DIY Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic force microscopes (AFMs) are versatile tools for characterizing surfaces down to the subnanometer scale. Researchers wanting to,say, map out the optical antennas they’ve...

Principles of Scanning Nitrogen-Vacancy Magnetometry explained

Prof. Kapildeb Ambal at Wichita State University describes the principles behind scanning NV magnetometry and how it can be used within the scope of condensed matter physics and...
Zygo Verifire Interferometer

Optical Surface Accuracy

Optical surface accuracy refers to the difference between the actual shape and the desired shape of an optical surface. It is a crucial aspect of optical components and is typically...
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Introduction to Microscopes and Objective Lenses

A microscope is an optical device designed to magnify the image of an object, enabling details indiscernible to the human eye to be differentiated. A microscope may project the...
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Zygo Verifire Interferometer

At Avantier, we specialize in the design and production of cutting-edge optical solutions and high-performance optics for a diverse range of applications in optical metrology ...
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High-resolution Optical Spectrometers

OZ Optics presents a cost-effective and high-end optical spectrometer. A special transmission grating is designed to realize exceptional sensitivity while reaching high signal...

NAN™ Open-Design Upright Microscope

The Sutter NAN™ — A focusing nosepiece microscope designed for electrophysiology. The microscope frame has been reimagined around our highly-stable adjustable MT-70 manipulator...


The FLUOVIEW™ FV3000 series of confocal laser scanning microscopes meets some of the most difficult challenges in modern science. Featuring the high sensitivity and speed required...
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Spectrometer Optics and Spectrometer Design

Spectrometer optics involves measuring light intensity by means of a specialized analytical tool called a spectrometer which separates light by wavelength. Spectrometers are used...

Optical Scattering Measurements

Synopsys offers optical scattering measurements services and equipment to give you access to precision light scatter data for faster, more cost-effective optical product development...
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Spectrophotometer Transmittance Measurement

An inside look at how Shanghai Optics engineers measure transmittance using a Spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometers measure transmittance and reflectance of lenses and lens assemblies...
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QS-PLL™ AFM Controller

QS-PLL™ is an atomic force microscope (AFM) controller designed for use with resonant probes, such as tuning forks, and Mad City Labs nanopositioners and micropositioners. The...
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BOB™ Open-Design Upright Microscope

The Sutter BOB™ — designed to eliminate the conventional microscope frame—is a simple, open-design upright microscope platform ideal for slice electrophysiology, wide field functional...

MOM® Movable Objective Microscope®

The Movable Objective Microscope® (MOM®) is a two- or thee-photon microscope capable of imaging deep within living specimens when combined with an appropriate laser. The Sutter...
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Radiant Vision Systems Honored by 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards

REDMOND, Wash. – August 19, 2022 – Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of imaging systems for scientific evaluation of light sources and displays, announces today that ...
Double Slit Experiment

Optics Learning Optics with Austin: Lesson 11 – Fringes and Interferometers

We left off in the interference post using water waves to represent the interference that occurs between light waves. A well known experiment having to do with interference of...
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How to Choose the Right Microscope Objective

Objective lenses are used in microscopy systems for a range of scientific research, industrial, and general lab applications. A microscope objective is typically composed of multiple...
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How to Choose a Microscope Objective or Objective Lens

How to Choose the Right Microscope ObjectiveObjective lenses are used in microscopy systems for a range of scientific research, industrial, and general lab applications. A microscope...
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Polarization testers

Polarization Dependent Loss Emulators

OZ Optics produces a Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Emulator. The emulator produces a specific amount of polarization dependent loss by transmitting the light through the device...
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Polarization testers

OZ Optics Polarization Entangled Photon Source Product Video

OZ Optics has developed the Pearl and Ruby line of polarization entangled photon sources to support the growing field of quantum information science. Both Pearl and Ruby are room...