New rotary microstage delivers smallest system size and fastest integration for precision embedded motion in smaller, more powerful instruments

May 18, 2023

M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage brings M3 Smart Stage advantages – high positioning resolution, smallest size, low power, fastest integration – to system designers needing precision embedded motion at lower cost in their compact instruments for high-volume production

New Scale Technologies, Inc. today announced its M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Rotary Smart Stage, a miniature positioning module that simplifies the task of embedding high-precision rotary motion into scientific and industrial instruments. The latest addition to the M3 Smart Stage family features lower cost for high-volume production. It provides point-to-point angular positioning with closed-loop resolution better than 0.022 degrees and bandwidth of ~100 Hz.

M3 Smart Stages integrate piezoelectric motors, position sensors, and built-in controllers in compact modules that accept direct digital input from a system processor. Providing precision motion of mirrors, optics or mechanical components, they enable instrument designers to transform benchtop systems and large, complex instruments into smaller, affordable, easy-to-use devices.

Applications include point-to-point beam steering and optical tuning in imaging systems, point-of-care and clinical instruments, next-gen sequencing (NGS) instruments, industrial measurement and spectroscopy instruments, laser printing and engraving systems, and more.

The M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Rotary Smart Stage features absolute position encoding and continuous 360° rotation. It measures less than 12 x 22 x 16 mm including the built-in controller. It accepts direct input of high-level digital motion commands from a system processor over UART, SPI, I2C or analog servo interface. With 3.3VDC input, it is suited for hand-held and battery-powered devices.

M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 specifications 

  • Motion Range: 360 deg continuous rotation
  • Speed: >1,000 deg/sec (point-to-point positioning bandwidth ~100 Hz)
  • Payload Mass: 3 g (mounted to rotating shaft)
  • Resolution: ~0.022 deg with absolute encoding – no need to home the stage on power-up
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 21.9 x 16 mm – including controller
  • Voltage/Power: 3.3 VDC, ~750 mW moving / 50 mW standby
  • Controller: 64 MIPS, integrated into stage
  • Interface: Direct input of I2C, SPI, UART, Analog Servo

For complete specifications see 

Price and availability

DK-M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Developer’s Kits are available from $995 at Digi-Key and Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks. A developer’s kit includes one M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Rotary Smart Stage, the powerful New Scale Pathway™ development software, a USB adapter and breakout board, cables, and accessories.

For volume pricing on M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Smart Stages, email [email protected] or call (585) 924-4450.

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