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Fiber Coil 1000
Positioning & sensing equipment

Fiber Gyro Coil for FOGs in Inertial Navigation System

In the epoch of groundbreaking technological strides, navigation systems emerged as foundational pillars, driving numerous advancements, especially in precision-critical sectors...
Nanolp No Bckgnd
Positioning & sensing equipment

Piezo nanopositioners for optical and force microscopy

Ultra-low profile 3 axis nanopositioning system with sub-nanometer precision under closed loop control. Designed for single molecule microscopy, super resolution microscopy and...
Mad Deck With Bb Tspt
Positioning & sensing equipment


The Mad-Deck™ is a versatile stage platform designed for a variety of advanced microscopy techniques. It is ideal for microscopy and imaging applications that require free access...
Positioning & sensing equipment

Hybrid Hexapod

ALIO’s patented next generation Hybrid Hexapod® takes a different approach to traditional 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) positioning devices, and exhibits much higher performance...
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Positioning & sensing equipment

The screwed™ Series

The main requirements on optical mounts are movability combined with immovability. Our screwed™ - series optical mounts and assemblies resolve this contradiction by avoiding solely...
Mmp3 H Tspt
Positioning & sensing equipment

MMP Series

The MMP series are precision, stepper motor driven micropositioners with 25mm travel and 95nm step size. Available in 1, 2 or 3 axis models and are modular in design.
Screen Shot 2021 06 01 At 11 39 29 Am
Positioning & sensing equipment

Miniature Kinematic Mounts

The AOS-KM-2 is designed for applications requiring small form factor, such as compact lasers and optical systems. The non-magnetic materials construction is ideal for applications...
Positioning & sensing equipment

M3-FS Focus Module

M3-FS focus modules add high-resolution lens motion, with excellent dynamic stability, to the smallest embedded optical systems in handheld and portable instruments. Ideal for...
Nano Mta2
Positioning & sensing equipment

Nano-MTA Series

Closed loop piezo nanopositioning system for beam steering. Single and two axis models with up to 10 milliradians of motion per axis. The Nano-MTA has nanoradian resolution and...
This image demonstrates the control that the Goddard-AOSense team has over the paths of atoms. In this demonstration, they manipulated the path to form the acronym, NASA.
Positioning & sensing equipment

NASA-Industry Team Creates and Demonstrates First Quantum Sensor for Satellite Gravimetry

NASA and the Sunnyvale, California-based AOSense, Inc., have successfully built and demonstrated a prototype quantum sensor capable of obtaininghighly sensitive and accurate gravity...
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Positioning & sensing equipment


Specifically designed for manufacturers to be configurable and easily integrated into their systems. The OE-1250 Stage has custom mounting options, flat top designed with multiple...
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Positioning & sensing equipment

PZ-2000 FT

The perfect solution for your super resolution microscopy applications. The stage is capable of XY resolutions down to the 10-20 nm range and Z resolutions to the 1nm range. It...
Velmex UniSlide Assemblies are available in single axis linear stages or multi-axis systems.
Positioning & sensing equipment

UniSlide® Linear Stages

UniSlide Assemblies deliver precise movement in one, two or three dimensions with linear motion. The linear stages have a load capacity up to 400 lbs. with travel distances to...
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Positioning & sensing equipment

RTC electronic control boards

Easy-to-use, PC-based solutions for controlling laser scan systems. Simple software commands enable the RTC boards to achieve synchronized, real-time control of scan systems and...

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