Lasers, solid-state

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Lasers, solid-state

The first in China! 500W single-mode continuous green laser

Material vs. Laser Wavelength _Since the birth of the first laser in 1960, after more than 60 years of development, laser, as the sharpest and most delicate knife, has been gradually...
Lasers, solid-state

Erbium Doped Glass Laser Rangefinder Components

The Erbium-doped Glass Laser is used in the field of eye-safe rangefinders and is characterized by its reliability and cost-effectiveness. This laser is also known as the 1535nm...
Sub50 A Laser With Controller Canvas
Lasers, solid-state

Air cooled SUB-ns laser

The new SUB series of compact Air-cooled DPSS pumped Nd:YAG SUB-nanosecond lasers producing TEM00 emissions Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) radiation in the SUB-nanosecond regime...
Lasers, solid-state

250 W Average Power & 5 kW Peak Power, Pulsed 2.94 μm Er:YAG Diode Pumped Laser

3 micron Laser Technology manufactures high power, pulsed diode pumped 2.94 μm Er:YAG lasers with average power up to 250W and peak power up to 7kW.Average power: 250 WPeak power...
Surelite 4 2021 V1 Scaled
Lasers, solid-state

Surelite 4

The new Surelite 4 high-energy 100 Hz diode-pumped laser platform draws upon 40 years of experience in quality laser design based on the “Energy through Efficiency” thesis – the...
Powerlite Dls 8000 Scaled
Lasers, solid-state

Powerlite DLS Plus

The Powerlite DLS Plus Series is an ideal solution when higher levels of green energy are required to pump Ti: Sapphire laser systems. High energy, high repetition rate Ti: Sapphire...
Minilite Rev C Scaled
Lasers, solid-state


The Minilite Series is the Amplitude entry level Q-switched Nd:YAG laser platform. It is designed for new and existing users of pulsed lasers allowing easy operation, simple external...
Inlite Iii Scaled
Lasers, solid-state


The Inlite series of pulsed Q-switched laser systems provide high levels of performance and reliability for Industrial and OEM applications. The Inlite is designed for new and...
Terra Rev D
Lasers, solid-state


The Terra Nd: YLF laser is the smallest laser in its class. It produces high average power (>50 W) at kilohertz repetition rates. Our proprietary intracavity frequency doubling...
Vignettes Arco
Lasers, solid-state


The best of the Ti: Sapphire technology / Arco – the class of ultra-intense fs laser systems designed as the ideal light source for the most demanding applications. Arco amplifiers...
Vignette Tangerine
Lasers, solid-state


The best of the Ti: Sapphire technology / Arco – the class of ultra-intense fs laser systems designed as the ideal light source for the most demanding applications. Arco amplifiers...
Uv Stone Plus Series 1
Lasers, solid-state

Stone series & Stone plus series UV lasers

Application● Material marking - plastic, glass, metal molds, wood, packaging bags, jade, etc.● Crystal internal engraving● 3D printing● Film cutting IntroductionStone series, ...
Diamond Series Uv 3
Lasers, solid-state

Diamond series high power UV laser

Application● Solar cell scribing● PCB&FPC splitting and cutting● Silicon wafer scribing● Film cutting IntroductionHigh power UV laser source effectively solves the problem of ...
Lasers, solid-state

Green series 532nm High energy green laser

Application● Carbon material cutting - Diamond, Silicon carbide, Carbon fiber, etc. ● Graphite engraving IntroductionMaintenance-free, no need for regular commissioning, effectively...
Cold Light Laser
Lasers, solid-state

Infrared series 1064nm cold light IR laser

Application● Material marking - Auto parts, high reflective materials, plastic shell, etc. IntroductionThe frequency 20-30kHz, the pulse width maintains at 6-8ns, lower processing...
Fiber Green Laser 1
Lasers, solid-state

Green series 532nm fiber green laser

Application● Packaging films marking● Gold-plated surface blackening treatment● Metallic materials marking● 3C product surface marking IntroductionThe repitition rate 20-30kHz...
Snac Front R2 Wb 1024x766
Lasers, solid-state

SN Series Sub-Nanosecond Lasers

Up to 100W of power at 1064nmUp to 3mJ of pulse energy at 1064nmSub ns Pulse Width specifiable from ~100ps to 5nsRepetition rate from Single Shot to 8MHzExcellent beam quality...
Rx Front Ltop Wb Lowres
Lasers, solid-state

RX Series Low Power Picosecond Lasers

Short pulse (< 10ps for IR, ~7ps for Green and UV) laserWide range of wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm. 266 nm available upon request.The most compact, rugged, All-in-One ...
Dx1 Left Front Wb
Lasers, solid-state

DX UV Air-Cooled Series: 1-10W

355 nm wavelengthPower: 1W* to 10W*Air-cooled design, water cooled optionAll-in-one (AIO) single box designPatented intracavity UV generationCompact, rugged, monolithic laser ...
Dmx 2021 With Logo Wb 1024x523
Lasers, solid-state

DMX Green Series: 20-100mJ (Multi-Mode)

Patented highest pulse energy green laserCompact form factor, consolidated controls within the laser head for ultimate ease-of-use operability via a GUI softwareIdeally sized ...
Lasers, solid-state

High Power, Pulsed, Diode Pumped 2.94 μm Er:YAG & 2.78 μm Er:YSGG Lasers

We design, develop and manufacture high energy, pulsed, diode pumped 2.94 μm Er:YAG & 2.78 μm Er:YSGG lasers for defense, medical, and electronic industries.2.94 μm Er:YAG· Monolithic...
Beam Spatial
Lasers, solid-state

High Power Pulsed 2.94 μm Er:YAG Diode Pumped Laser

LASER HEADMonolithic design, no alignment neededMaximum pulse energies at different pulse lengths and frequencies: 5J @ 1.5ms @ 15 Hz, 3.2 J @ 1ms @ 25 Hz, 1.6 J @ 0.5ms @ 50 ...