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The Ophir product portfolio consists of laser and LED measurement products, including laser power and energy meters, laser beam profilers measuring femto-watt to hundred-kilowatt lasers, high-performance IR and visible optical elements, IR thermal imaging lenses and zoom lenses for defense and commercial applications, OEM and replacement high-quality optics and sub-assemblies for CO2 and high-power fiber laser material processing applications. 


Mks Ophir

Is Your AM Laser Performing to Spec?

Assure your additive manufacturing (AM) laser is performing as needed to produce high-quality, consistent builds. New tools from MKS Ophir analyze laser power, spot size, waist...
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MKS Ophir's BeamPeek beam analysis and power measurement system

The Ophir® BeamPeek™ integrated beam analysis and power measurement system provides fast, accurate, real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers. The system...
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Ophir-Spiricon LED Luminaire Measurement

LED Luminaire Measurement Efi Rotem, Ophir Project Manager, discusses FluxGage, a revolutionary, compact LED luminaire measurement system. FluxGage measures flux, color, and flicker...
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Determining Laser Health

Ophir Photonics has a wide array of power and energy measurement systems to evaluate laser health. Spiricon's latest innovation is BeamWatch, a one-micron wavelength multi-kW ...


White Papers

Overcoming the Challenges of Measuring High Power NIR Lasers

Requirements for more accuracy have turned high power NIR fiber lasers into a growing option. Parameters must be tracked to ensure process control and quality assurance.
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White Papers

Manufacturing Trends Drive Advancements in Laser Beam Measurement Technology

Lasers are increasingly used in advanced applications, from mapping objects in front of vehicles thousands of times per sec to pointing multiple kW of light at a flying object...


Mks Ophir

Continuous-zoom lens offers detection capability >20 km

The FoldIR 30-450 mm f/3.4 continuous-zoom lens is a long-range, compact folded-optics IR zoom lens for optical gimbal systems and payloads.
Mks Ophir
Software & Accessories

Laser beam analysis software is designed for additive manufacturing

BeamPeek software is designed for real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers.
Mks Ophir
Test & Measurement

Beam profiling system measures beams with spot sizes down to 45 µm

The BeamWatch Plus non-contact beam profiling system measures focus shift, focus spot size, and position of high-power industrial YAG, fiber, and diode lasers.
(Courtesy of Axtra3D)
FIGURE 1. The slit-based beam profiler is used to ensure the reproducibility of the additive manufacturing process.
Laser Processing

Wanted: The perfect beam for innovative photopolymerization

This case study shows how Hybrid PhotoSynthesis technology prints the entire layer, with no rework required.
Mks Ophir
Detectors & Imaging

MWIR lenses are designed for thermal imaging

LightIR 10-135 mm and 18-225 mm midwave-infrared (MWIR) f/3.6 continuous-zoom lenses feature low SWaP.
Mks Ophir
Detectors & Imaging

SWIR and NIR lens features low SWaP athermal design

The Ophir shortwave-infrared (SWIR) and near-infrared (NIR) lens is chromatically corrected to support a broad SWIR range, from 700 to 1700 nm, covering both NIR and SWIR bands...
Mks Ophir
Software & Accessories

iOS app works with laser power meter for high-power industrial lasers

The StarViewer iOS App delivers laser power/energy measurements wirelessly to iOS iPhones and iPads.
Detectors & Imaging

Beam profiling camera features 44.6 dB dynamic range

The SP504S beam profiling camera captures and analyzes wavelengths from 340 to 1100 nm.
FIGURE 1. Lasers are often used for joining applications in automotive manufacturing. Monitoring of the laser system helps ensure consistent and high-quality joining processes.
Laser Processing

How can you avoid manufacturing pitfalls in laser processing?

Here are six industrial laser system pitfalls to look out for to ensure a high-quality laser process.
Mks Ophir

MWIR f/4 continuous-zoom lens offers detection range of >16 km

The LightIR 18-225 mm MWIR f/4 continuous-zoom lens is optimized for smaller-size focal-plane array (FPA) detectors.


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Executive Forum

Photonics business roundup: March 2022

Here, we recap all the photonics business news that was announced in March 2022.
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Test & Measurement

Thermal sensor measures average power from 100 mW to 150 W

The fan-cooled F150(200)A-CM-16 thermal sensor measures high repetition-rate pulsed industrial lasers from 248 nm to 9.4 µm.
Test & Measurement

High-resolution beam profiler is CMOS camera-based

The SP932U USB 3.0 high-resolution beam profiler system is a CMOS camera-based beam profiler for UV, visible, near-infrared, and Nd:YAG wavelengths.
Ophir (mks Instruments)
Test & Measurement

Laser power sensor measures power from 100 mW to 80 W

The F80(120)A-CM-17 laser power sensor works with industrial lasers at wavelengths from 248 nm to 9.4 µm.
MKS Instruments
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Executive Forum

MKS Instruments' Ophir Optics European site receives AS9100D certification

The AS9100 certification is an important step in the company’s defense and aviation growth strategy.
Test & Measurement

Industrial beam characterization system is noncontact

The BeamWatch Integrated 500 industrial beam characterization system is a fully automated, noncontact laser measurement system designed for automotive and battery welding applications...
Ophir Mks Instruments

MWIR folded zoom lens offers SWaP capabilities for drones

The LightIR 16–180 mm midwave-infrared (MWIR) thermal imaging lens is optimized for smaller-size 10 µm pitch VGA focal-plane array detectors.
Test & Measurement

Irradiance and dosage sensor provides flat spectral response

The PD300RM-UVA irradiance and dosage sensor, calibrated over the UVA and violet spectral range, provides a flat spectral response that forgives inexact wavelengths.
FIGURE 1. Conduction and convection areas within within the FL600 fan-cooled sensor.
Test & Measurement

High-power laser measurement: Cooling methods

Measurement of high-power lasers requires efficient heat control in power meter sensors; choosing the right heat transfer method for the job is a key factor.
Test & Measurement

Industrial laser power meter has use in welding with blue and green lasers

The Helios Plus industrial laser power meter measures high-power industrial lasers up to 12 kW.
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Test & Measurement

Laser power meter for kilowatt-level lasers fits in the palm of one’s hand

A cube-shaped, battery-powered laser power meter less than 80 mm on a side can measure laser powers up to 8 kW in the blue, green, or infrared wavelength regions.
Test & Measurement

Ophir wide beam imager has 48-mm-diameter aperture

The Wide Beam Imager (WB-I) is a compact, calibrated optical system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs, LEDs, edge-emitting lasers...
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Laser Focus World announces 2020 Innovators Awards

For the third straight year, Laser Focus World held its Innovators Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in the...
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Test & Measurement

Ophir LED measurement system has four extra color sensors

The Ophir FluxGage 604 compact measurement system for LED luminaires has four extra color sensors evenly arranged in the bottom of the device.
Test & Measurement

Ophir integrating sphere measures optical parameters of VCSELs

The IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 integrating sphere measures light that diverges up to ±60° and features a 20 mm aperture.
Test & Measurement

Laser sensor from Ophir has 55 mm aperture

The Ophir 16K-W compact, water-cooled sensor measures laser powers from 100 W to 16 kW over the spectral range of 0.8 to 2 μm and at 10.6 μm.
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Positioning, Support & Accessories

Ophir USB module records energy pulses up to 10 kHz

The Juno+ USB Interface USB module turns a PC or laptop into a full laser power/energy meter.
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Test & Measurement

Laser measurement system from Ophir includes a variety of interfaces

The BeamWatch Integrated noncontact laser measurement system has utility in measuring critical beam parameters in industrial production environments.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir thermal measurement sensor absorbs 95% at most wavelengths

The L50(150)A-LP2-35 is a compact thermal measurement sensor for use with high-power-density and long-pulse lasers.
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Detectors & Imaging

Silicon CCD camera from Ophir has use in industrial laser beam profiling

The SP920G GigE silicon CCD high-resolution camera is designed for high-speed industrial laser beam profiling applications.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir laser power meter available in single- and dual-channel versions

The Centauri portable laser power/energy meter features a full-color, 7 in. touchscreen for reviewing data in various formats.
Test & Measurement

MKS unveils noncontact laser beam monitoring system for additive manufacturing

MKS Instruments unveiled what it says is the industry’s first noncontact laser-beam monitoring system intended for additive manufacturing.
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Positioning, Support & Accessories

Ophir Optronics LED calibration standard works with FluxGage LED calibrator

The FGC100 NIST-traceable LED calibration standard is designed to calibrate the company's FluxGage system.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir beam measurement system has customizable options

The BeamSquared 2.0 M2 laser beam system automatically measures the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers in under a minute.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir laser measurement software works with a range of sensors

StarLab 3.30 laser measurement software from Ophir supports expanded network access via the EA-1 Ethernet Adapter or Quasar Bluetooth Adapter, user-defined pass/fail limits, and...
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Test & Measurement

Ophir laser power sensor measures continuous laser power from 100 W to 15 kW

The Ophir 15K-W-BB-45 thermal laser power measurement sensor is compact, fan-cooled, and NIST-calibrated.
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Lasers & Sources

FluxGage uses solar panels - not integrating spheres - to measure LED luminaires

An alternative approach to LED luminaire measurement requires only one calibration and can accommodate LED luminaires the same size as the measuring instrument itself.
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Test & Measurement

Integrating spheres from Ophir available

A series of Ophir integrating spheres includes three different models.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir LED luminaire measurement system uses solar panels to detect light

The FluxGage compact LED measurement system has use with luminaires up to 610 x 450 mm.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics laser/energy power meter can measure irradiance and dosage

The updated StarBright compact handheld laser power/energy meter measures power, single-shot energy, repetitive energy, frequency, and beam size.
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Test & Measurement

Laser sensor from Ophir Photonics gauges power from 0.1 to 20 mW

The BC20-V1 laser sensor measures the power of scanned or intermittent beams of any wavelength over the spectral range of 400–1100 nm.
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Positioning, Support & Accessories

Ethernet adapter from Ophir Photonics available for smart laser sensors

The EA-1 Ethernet Adapter is a device that connects the company’s smart laser sensors directly to an Ethernet bus with no PC connection required.
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Ophir Optics collimating lenses have high laser-damage-threshold coatings

The Fiberlens series of 1 μm collimating lenses, focusing lenses, and protective windows have uses with fiber, disk, and YAG lasers with powers up to 8 kW.
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Test & Measurement

Radiometer from Ophir Photonics measures very low powers down to 300 fW

The RM9-PD radiometer, which measures the power of very low-level CW or QCW sources, integrates a photodiode sensor.
(Courtesy of Gentec-EO USA)
FIGURE 1. A Gentec Beamage-4M CMOS camera (a) and associated beam-tracking software (b) allow the alignment of the centroid of one laser beam to that of a second beam, enabling near- and far-field relative alignment of the beams.

Laser beam diagnostics: Beam-analysis tools each have their own approach

Measuring the properties of a laser beam can be done in several ways; all are reliable, accurate, and fast.
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Test & Measurement

Fan-cooled laser sensors from Ophir Photonics measure laser power from 600 mW to 1100 W

FL1100A-BB-65, FL600A-BB-65, and FL600A-LP1-65 high-power, fan-cooled laser sensors can measure laser power levels up to 1100 W.
FIGURE 1. m2≈1 (a); m2=1 (b); and m2=2 (c).
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Beam Profiling: Second-moment method characterizes higher-order beam modes

The best methods for making second-moment beam-width measurements with CCD cameras are described and compared to ISO recommendations.
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Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics irradiance and energy density sensor measures narrowband LED and laser sources

The PD300RM irradiance and energy density sensor measures narrowband LED and laser sources between 200 and 850 nm.
1501prod Ophir
Test & Measurement

Laser power sensor from Ophir measures powers from 5 to 1000 W

The 1000WP-BB-34 high-power, watercooled thermal sensor measures energy from 400 mJ to 300 J and spectral range from 190 nm to 20 micron.
1411prod Ophir
Detectors & Imaging

Thermal sensor from Ophir Photonics is a water cooled thermopile detector

The 1000W-BB-120 thermal sensor for very-large-aperture lasers is a water-cooled thermopile detector with a 120 mm aperture for handling large beams and laser diode bars.
1410prod Ophir
Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics beam splitters control and adjust beam output power

LBS-400 beam splitters measure UV, NIR, or IR wavelength beams with diameters up to 1 in.
Real-time beam profiling for a CO2 laser reveals beam irregularities and instabilities (top left) not present in a stable beam profile (top right). These beam irregularities are the difference between bad (lower left) and good (lower right) outcomes in materials processing applications.
Test & Measurement

Beam Profiling: Real-time thermopile sensing/beam profiling optimizes laser output

When laser beam profiles for materials-processing applications are not optimized, time and money are lost through lower cut speeds, increased dross on the edges of the cuts (resulting...
(Image credit: Ophir-Spiricon)
The Pyrocam IV thermal-electric camera can image and characterize laser beams with high resolution over a broad range of emission frequencies.
Test & Measurement

Pyrocam IV images laser beams to terahertz range

The new, fourth-generation Pyrocam IV pyroelectric camera adds greater sensitivity, better resolution, a larger active area, and more compact packaging to address next-generation...
FIGURE 1. Rayleigh scattering of light from molecules in the air scales inversely with the fourth power of the wavelength.
Test & Measurement

Beam Characterization: High-power fiber lasers drive noncontact-measurement techniques

The beam focus of high-power fiber lasers can be characterized via imaging of Rayleigh scattering in air-an indirect detection method that avoids damage to detectors due to ultrahigh...
(Courtesy of IPG Photonics and Ophir Photonics, respectively)
A 100 kW fiber laser has a 0.8 × 3.6 m footprint and is easily transportable (a); the laser system includes a 50-m-long remote-delivery optical fiber. The one power meter that can measure the 100 kW laser’s beam is now a commercial product (b).
Test & Measurement

MATERIALS PROCESSING: 100 kW fiber laser, power meter serve industry

The first commercial 100 kW fiber laser, a surprisingly small system developed by IPG Photonics, has been sold to the NADEX Laser R&D Center, a materials-processing research laboratory...
Ophir unveils 100 kW laser power meter, first unit is already in use
Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics unveils 100 kW laser power meter, first unit is already in use

With the appearance of commercial 100 kW near-IR lasers (such as the 1070-nm-emitting fiber laser recently developed by IPG Photonics of Oxford, MA), the question arises: How ...
(Courtesy of Ophir Photonics Group)
FIGURE 1. A USB camera with a 4X expanding lens (a) is used along with a fixturing assembly (b) to measure the size and shape of holes in a molded device. The fixturing assembly has a vertical light source that illuminates the device being inspected; the USB camera and expansion lens are beneath the device. The holes have a diameter and depth

SOFTWARE AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Beam profiling finds use in industrial parts inspection

Laser-beam diagnostic software has some surprising use—for example, as a machine-vision tool for inspecting the size and shape of holes during manufacture.
Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics opens sales and service office in Germany

Laser measurement equipment maker Ophir Photonics has opened a new office in Darmstadt, Germany, dedicated to sales, service, recalibration, and repair of all of the company's...
2 Lfw 5 Ophir

Beam profiler from Ophir Photonics Group measures at rates over 20 Hz

The Photon M2-1780 laser beam profiling system measures the M2 beam propagation ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters at video rates over 20 Hz, with accuracy to -5%.
PE50BF-DIFH-C and PE100BF-DIF-C pyroelectric laser energy sensors from Ophir Photonics Group
Test & Measurement

Pyroelectric sensors from Ophir Photonics Group have repetition rates up to 250 Hz

PE50BF-DIFH-C and PE100BF-DIF-C pyroelectric laser energy sensors feature a BF coating and diffuser that deliver a damage threshold of up to 6 J/cm2 for nanosecond pulses.
Ophir Photonics M2-200s camera-based beam propagation analyzer
Test & Measurement

Beam analyzer from Ophir Photonics completes measurement cycles in

The M2-200s camera-based beam propagation analyzer is an ISO 11146-compliant system that automatically measures laser beam quality.

Ophir-Spiricon honored as tech business of the year

The Cache Chamber of Commerce recently honored laser measurement company Ophir-Spiricon, a Newport Corp. brand, as its Outstanding Technology Business of the Year.
Ophir Photonics version 5.7 of BeamGage laser beam analysis software

Beam profiler from Ophir Photonics supports the company's laser power meters

Version 5.7 of BeamGage laser beam analysis software adds advanced image processing features, including fast, off-axis correction of distorted beam images.
Ophir Photonics Quasar app for Android smartphones and tablets

Ophir Photonics app for Android displays laser measurement data

The Quasar app for Android smartphones and tablets displays laser meter data when connected to the company's Quasar wireless power and energy meter via Bluetooth.
Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics beam measurement tracks beam position down to 0.1 mm

The BeamTrack 3A-QUAD high-sensitivity thermal detector measures power from 100 μW to 3W and energy from 20 μJ to 2 J.
Test & Measurement

Ophir Photonics Group laser sensors measure power, position, and size

The BeamTrack Power/Position/Size sensors can measure power, position, size, energy, centering, and wander in a single device.
05 Lfw 20 Ophirphoton
Detectors & Imaging

Ophir Photonics intros shock absorber for laser power/energy sensors

The Shock Absorber is a mounting post designed to allow the operation of sensitivepyroelectric laser power/energy sensors in an environment with vibration.
03 Lfw 14 Ophir
Detectors & Imaging

Photodetector from Ophir Laser Measurement Group handles 190 to 1100 nm wavelengths

The FPS-1 fast photodetector is designed to measure the temporal pulse shape of lasers or other light sources.
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Ophir-Spiricon neutral-density laser beam filters for UV wavelengths

The UV ND family of modular, slide-in neutral density attenuators incorporates a C-mount holder to attenuate UV laser beams for CCD or pyroelectric cameras.
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Ophir-Spiricon multi-channel laser power/energy software

StarLab 2.00 laser measurement software converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station.
10 Lfw 14 Ophir

Ophir-Spiricon sensor interface connects up to eight sensors

Juno is a plug-and-play USB sensor-to-PC that connects the company’s laser power and energy sensors to a PC.
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Detectors & Imaging

Ophir-Spiricon pyroelectric detectors measure pulse energies up to 40 J

The PE25BF-DIF and PE100BF-DIF are pyroelectric detectors for repetitive pulses.
Test & Measurement

Two laser-measurement-equipment makers become one: Ophir Optronics acquires Photon

Ophir Optronics, which specializes in precision laser measurement, has acquired Photon Inc. (San Jose, CA), a developer of precision laser-beam-profiling optical-test equipment...

Beam analyzer is designed for diode lasers up to 150 W

Ophir-Spiricon has announced Beam Cube, an integrated, industrial-laser beam analyzer designed for high-precision welding and cutting applications. Beam Cube measures beam profile...

Ultra-low-absorption lens designed for high-power CO2 systems

Ophir Optronics CO2 Optics Group has developed an ultra-low absorption lens called Clear Magic, as a complement to its Black Magic lens known for its high durability and long ...
FIGURE 1. A 12-bar conduction-cooled QCW diode stack proved the right choice for the system; its nominal stack geometry enables a beam profile of 6 x 0.5 mm (left). A number of deviations from nominal (reference) positions are common (right).
Lasers & Sources

BEAM ANALYSIS: Beam shaping improved diode-laser performance

While high-power diode lasers are attractive for applications in which size and efficiency matter, other inherent characteristics have limited their use. Now the European Space...

Software measures and analyzes laser power/energy meters

Ophir-Spiricon has announced StarLab, laser-measurement software for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (32-bit). StarLab works with Ophir-Spiricon's smart displays and PC ...
Lasers & Sources

Industrial beam profiler enables safe, powerful predictive maintenance for high-power CO2 lasers

Ophir-Spiricon (Logan, UT) is announcing today its new ModeCheck Industrial CO2 Laser Beam Profiler, a low-cost, portable system designed to help industrial parts manufacturers...

Beam simulator, auto camera control, custom algorithms part of new laser beam analysis system

As applications push the boundaries of laser performance, the need to understand operation criteria is increasingly important. And that, says Ophir-Spiricon, is why it has designed...
(Courtesy of Ophir-Spiricon)
FIGURE 1. Nonelectronic methods for viewing laser-beam profiles include viewing a reflected spot from a wall (left), viewing the burn pattern from thermal paper (center), and viewing the burn pattern in an acrylic block (right).
Test & Measurement

BEAM CHARACTERIZATION: Camera-based sensors characterize laser beams

Because scientific applications of lasers often push the aser to its operational limits, continuous or periodic measurement of the beam profile is necessary to ensure that the...
Lasers & Sources

Ophir introduces beam analyzer for pulsed Nd:YAG and diode lasers

The system measures average power, energy per pulse and frequency, spatial beam profile, and temporal pulse shape. The measurement parameters can be recorded in digital form for...