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Optical filters

Chroma Filters for Raman Applications

Chroma Technology supplies key components for Raman spectroscopy A set of optical interference filters used in Raman spectroscopy must perform cohesively as a unit to successfully...
Safety equipment & training

KENTEK Lightweight, High VLT, and Near-IR Protection… THAT ISN’T GREEN!!

Kentek’s 5161-CE is a neutral gray lightweight polycarbonate lens that mitigates brightness and does not distort the colors you see. λ-MAX™ (Lambda MAX) Focused...
Beam locators & profilers

Kentek Laser Beam Detectors and Beam Dumps

VIEW-IT® LASER BEAM DETECTORS Kentek's Laser Beam Detectors feature a high-efficiency laser-sensitive material that provides an unlimited period of viewing for both pulsed...
Safety equipment & training

Kentek FLEX-GUARD® Fabric Laser Curtains

Enclose laser areas with ceiling- or floor-mounted FLEX-GUARD® containment systems. Durable and flame-retardant materials are suspended from coated black steel tracks engineered...
Safety equipment & training

ENTRY-GUARD™ Laser Area Access Control Systems

ENTRY-GUARD™ Laser Area Access Control Systems provide fail-safe access controls to ensure safe and authorized access to areas with laser radiation. Our systems provide ...
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Optical filters

Optical Filters

Browse or search all of our sputter/hard coated optical filters for applications such as fluorescence, raman, multiphoton, astronomy and machine vision.Single Bandpass &Single...
Kxl C505 C Ce Graphic Feat Tech Eo
Safety equipment & training

KENTEK MULTIWAVE™ EYEWEAR With High VLT For Femtosecond Protection

For eye protection in environments with ultrafast laser energy, femtosecond applications, and high-power fiber lasers, we recommend laser safety eyewear with MULTIWAVE™ glass ...
Fse 8 X 8 Iso
Safety equipment & training

Laser Welding Booth

Laservision offers several Laser Welding Booth options providing excellent protection and versatility for your laser welding application. Constructed with pre-assembled panels...

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Optical components

High Precision Optics

Search by part number, diameter, thickness, focal length, category or keyword and if you don’t see the part you are looking for – our master engineers can create it...
Laser diodes

Laser Systems

Machine tools and laser systems – that is our specialty. TRUMPF offers you systems and units for flexible sheet and tube processing: Bending, punching, combined...


The demand for components for electric cars and alternative drives is rising continually. Particularly high-performance components directly involved in the production of batteries...
Lasers, VCSEL (non-telecom)

VCSEL Solutions

Whether it's in sensors for autonomous driving or driver monitoring, in smartphones or in digital data transmission – laser diodes from TRUMPF Photonic Components are used...
Nd Yag Crystal

Nd:YAG Crystal

AogTech offers large diameter Nd:YAG crystal. The use of high quality starting materials for crystal growth, whole boule interferometry, and precise measurement of Nd concentration...
Fiber Coil 1000
Positioning & sensing equipment

Fiber Gyro Coil for FOGs in Inertial Navigation System

In the epoch of groundbreaking technological strides, navigation systems emerged as foundational pillars, driving numerous advancements, especially in precision-critical sectors...
Ep21 Lvfl
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants


Two component, low viscosity epoxy for bonding, sealing, coating, and potting featuring good flexibility
Nanolp No Bckgnd
Positioning & sensing equipment

Piezo nanopositioners for optical and force microscopy

Ultra-low profile 3 axis nanopositioning system with sub-nanometer precision under closed loop control. Designed for single molecule microscopy, super resolution microscopy and...
Lasers, solid-state

Erbium Doped Glass Laser Rangefinder Components

The Erbium-doped Glass Laser is used in the field of eye-safe rangefinders and is characterized by its reliability and cost-effectiveness. This laser is also known as the 1535nm...
Flexiblecoatings Color Backgrd (1)
Optical coating & fabrication capabilities

Flexible Sputtered Coatings

Gone are the days of designing a system exclusively around traditional, flat, and rigid optical shapes. Advances in optical coatings and coating processes enable optical design...
Notch Filter Pic
Optical filters

Notch Filters

We are pros at designing, developing, and manufacturing notch filters!Learn More
Ir Narrow Bandpass
Optical filters

Bandpass Filters

Wideband or narrowband filters from the VIS to MWIR.Learn More
050 Sunshade
Optical coating & fabrication capabilities

Sunshade Thermal Control

Sunshade is a space rated thermal control material for LEO, MEO and GEO orbit. It has unbeatable performance for Solar rejection, electro-static charge dissipation (ESD) and RF...
Patterned Thin Film Coating
Optical filters

Patterned Thin Film Optical Filters

Our photolithography process capability produces thin film coatings (including bandpass filters , absorption coatings and metal fiducials). We use both wet and dry film resist...
Lo Coating All'round (c)laseroptik 230822 Rgb
Optical coating & fabrication capabilities

Atomic layer deposition (ALD): We coat your fibers all ‘round!

As pioneers in atomic layer deposition (ALD) for optical coatings we can coat on a variety of complex geometries and substrates.For example, with a conformal AR coating all around...