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Attenuators, fiber-optic

OZ Optics Ltd

OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks.


Develops, manufactures and markets nonlinear optical crystals, laser crystals, laser optics and laser components. Products are widely used in the field of laser and optical communicatio...

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Laser feedback protection


An optical isolator transmits light in one direction only, by rotating the polarization axis of linearly polarized light. This is achieved by means of a crystal placed within ...
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Dual-Stage TOPTICA Isolators

TOPTICA’s product line of Faraday Optical Isolators are specially designed and manufactured in-house by the laser experts of TOPTICA to give industry leading performance in dual...
Tunable Single Stage Performance

Single-Stage TOPTICA Isolators

Designed and manufactured by the laser experts of TOPTICAHigh power damage threshold (4 kW/cm2)Highest guaranteed isolation in industry, high transmissionCenter wavelength coverage...
Compact, High Power Isolator: FOPI-10A

High Power Free Space and Fiber Pigtailed Isolators

OZ Optics uses a patented tilt alignment technique to manufacture isolators with fiber pigtails. Light from an optical fiber is first collimated then transmitted through the isolator...
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High Power expanded Beam Output Isolator

Features include high isolation and high power handing, low insertion loss and PDL, and high beam quality.