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Attenuators, fiber-optic

OZ Optics Ltd

OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks.

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Laser Beam Stabilizers (Speckle Noise Homogenizer)

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer (Laser Beam Stabilizers) is an all-fiber passive component which can efficiently homogenize speckle pattern and reduce unwanted modal noise (striations...
High Power Fiber Coupler Multimode Fiber Optic Splitter

High Power Fiber Optical Splitter/Coupler

Lfiber’s high power fiber coupler (multimode fiber optic splitter: 100um, 105um, 200um, 300um, 400um, 600um, 800um, 900um, 1000um, 1500um (micron/μm)) is an optical power splitter...
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High Power Optical Taps/Power Monitors (Single/Multi Channel)

OZ Optics offers a series of inline optical power monitors and tap couplers based on a revolutionary, patented technology. These taps and monitors provide a way to easily measure...

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