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Shanghai Optics Inc

Shanghai Optics is an unparalleled custom optical engineering solution provider offering custom optical manufacturing, design and engineering services.
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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...

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Large Format Hie Glass Chemical Strengthening Capabilities
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Abrisa Technologies Now Has Larger Glass Format HIE™ Chemical Strengthening Capabilities

Santa Paula, CA – Abrisa Industrial Glass (AIG), a division of Abrisa Technologies now provides High Ion-Exchange (HIE™) Chemical Strengthening (C-Temp) processing for a broad...
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Abrisa Technologies has a Total Solution Approach for Custom Flat Glass Fabrication & Precision Optical Coatings

Abrisa Technologies, which includes Abrisa Industrial Glass (AIG), and ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) has over 80 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise in the ...
Pr Opal Diffusers 300dpi
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PG&O® Introduces Customizable Opal Diffusers

• New opal diffusers are ideal for applications that require extremely uniform white light. Santa Ana, CA – Feb. 27, 2023 – Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O – www.pgo.com), a global...
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Low Sparkle Non Glare Glass
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Low Sparkle Non-Glare Glass for Uniform Diffuse Reflection Providing Low Haze & True Color Rendering

Santa Paula, CA – Abrisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, provides “Low Sparkle” non-glare soda lime glass in formats to 63” x 40” and in thicknesses of 1.1 – 6mm. All...
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Color Filter Glass - W Series Neutral Density Filters

HOYA Corp USA is pleased to announce the release of our newly developed “W SERIES” of Neutral Density filters. In recent years, we’ve received many requests to develop new products...
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Color Filter Glass - W Series Sharp Cut and IR Transmitting

HOYA Corp USA is pleased to announce the release of our newly developed “W SERIES” of sharp cut and IR transmitting filters. In recent years, we’ve received many requests to develop...
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Quartz Wafers

HOYA’s high precision fused silica quartz wafers are ideal for applications involving biotech arrays, telecommunications, photomasks, and sensors. They are ultra-parallel and ...
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Optical Glass

Since 1941, HOYA has been a premier provider of optical glasses. Over the years, this traditional material business has transformed into a key element in the development of advanced...
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Color Filter Glass

HOYA Corp manufactures and markets the highest quality monolithic color filter glass. Our offerings encompass a wide range spectral characteristics spanning from the ultraviolet...