Abrisa Technologies has a Total Solution Approach for Custom Flat Glass Fabrication & Precision Optical Coatings

March 24, 2023

Abrisa Technologies, which includes Abrisa Industrial Glass (AIG), and ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) has over 80 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise in the field of precision glass optics. With manufacturing based in the USA, AIG and ZC&R have combined nearly 125,000 square feet of space dedicated to providing solution-based products for the fabricated technology glass and optical coatings.

The company’s vertically integrated Total Solution approach and single-point accountability allows for supply chain simplicity, convenience, reduced cost of ownership, while delivering vertically integrated and certified optical products.

According to Susan Hirst, General Manager for AIG, “Our ISO 9001 and ITAR approved facilities carry an extensive line of raw materials inventory and can develop stock management programs ensuring quick turnaround.” Susan further adds, “From concept through production, both AIG and ZC&R supply prototyping to high volume custom OEM production and can work in concert to deliver manufacturable optics optimized to ensure fitness-for-use and ready-to-install solutions.”

AIG Glass Products/Services: Wide range of float and specialty glasses in mm to meter sizes, CNC machining, waterjet cutting, griding, drilling, grooving, dicing, and edging. Specializing in ultra-thin glass <0.1 mm boro and aluminosilicates, custom fabrication for shape and features, chemical high ion-exchange (HIE™) or heat strengthening of flat glass for damage resistance, screen printing; surface and edge (frit or epoxy/polyester) for branding, electrical conductivity (bus bars), and displays, and sandblasting, value-added options such as wire soldering, laser marking/etching, application of protective and aesthetic films, tapes, and gaskets.

ZC&R Products/Services: Precision thin film PVD and ION assisted deposition (IAD) coatings for filtering, throughput reflection and conductivity. Custom and standard designs from 200 nm in the UV up to 20 microns in the far Infrared with thicknesses of a few angstroms to 10’s of microns. Broad range of coatings include transparent conductive Indium tin oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched IMITO, anti-reflective (AR) such as, broadband, non-glare (NG) infrared (IR), laser line and v-coat, near infrared (NIR) visible (VIS), and wide-angle. Mirror and metallic coatings such as hot and cold mirrors, dark mirrors, ultra-thin and semi-transparent mirrors. Filters include neutral density, bandpass and notch, color correction and temperature, blackeye, covert, and semi-covert, IR filters, longwave Pass (LWP) and shortwave pass (SWP) edge filters, UV blocking and transmitting filters, and RGB and CMYK filters. Additional specialty coatings include, anti-fingerprint, anti-fog, anti-abrasion, autoclaveable, bio/chemical compatible, and oleo/hydrophobic coatings.

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