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Manufactures high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology, such as infrared or laser lighting, to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities.


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SYNIOS E4014 Family

The low-profile rectangular shape of the new Synios E4014 enables the light from this LED to be injected into light guides - for a wide range of design ideas.
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Infrared – Small Emitters - High performance for small spaces.

You don’t have to sacrifice high radiant intensity when your application has limited space. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ infrared small emitters perform – even in the smallest area...
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OSLON Black Flat Family

The OSLON Black Flat Family feature a very high light output. Chip configuration from one chip to five chips in a row is available. It offers greater design freedom.
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The OSRAM SOLERIQ family offers Chip-on-Board design, high luminous efficacy and is specifically designed for spotlight applications. See for yourself how the OSRAM SOLERIQ Family...
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DURIS Family

Homogeneity, colors, compactness, efficiency – that's what the DURIS Family is made of. Whatever your needs – the DURIS Family will meet them.


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LED-on-foil technology meets automotive standards

ALIYOS technology enables mini-LEDs to be applied onto a thin, flexible, transparent substrate.
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Red LED for horticultural lighting available

The OSLON Optimal Red 640 nm LED is designed for horticultural lighting applications.
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Detectors & Imaging

Addressing autonomy gaps, one component at a time

Industry collaboration opens the door for autonomous solutions to thrive within various environments.
(Courtesy of ams OSRAM)
ams OSRAM’s Vegalas RGB laser module prototype cuts the size of a projection light engine in half, and could someday make AR smart glasses a reality for consumers.
Lasers & Sources

Advanced lasers shed new light on the future of AR smart glasses

New lasers can cut projection light engine size in half, allowing lightweight compact designs for smart glasses.
Ams Osram
Lasers & Sources

Laser diode has use in life science research and diagnostics

The metal can PLT5 522FA_P-M12 is a 514 nm off-the-shelf semiconductor laser emitter, designed as an alternative to argon-ion lasers.
Photo 237017308 © Penchan Pumila | Dreamstime.com
Dreamstime Xl 237017308
Executive Forum

Photonics business roundup: June 2022

It’s time to recap all the photonics business news that was announced in June 2022.
FIGURE 1. Topics for consideration when designing the visual technology for AR glasses.

With lasers: Augmented reality for the masses

Despite the lack of mainstream acceptance and a lag in widespread adoption, the demand for augmented reality (AR) technology continues to grow. Increasingly, companies are investing...
Ams Osram
Detectors & Imaging

Ambient light sensor integrates light flicker detection

The TSL2585 ambient light sensor offers UV-A light detection, even under low-transmissivity materials and OLED displays.
2110 Lfw Cs Hero

Laser Focus World announces 2021 Innovators Awards

For the fourth straight year, Laser Focus World held its Innovators Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in ...
Dominik Schulten, Director of Business Development at Vixar.
Lasers & Sources

Laser Focus World 2021 Rising Stars Awards: Dominik Schulten

In this ninth showcase, we highlight Dominik Schulten, director of business development at Vixar.

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Lasers & Sources

Mid-IR LEDs enable 2D biometric identification in laptops

Two infrared LEDs are offered at 850 (SFH 4171S) and 940 nm (SFH 4181S).
Lasers & Sources

Multijunction VCSEL is designed for time-of-flight applications

The 550 aperture PowerBoost vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) emits light via individual apertures.
FIGURE 1. The blue laser-diode wavelength range expands options for entertainment lighting.
Lasers & Sources

Laser diodes lead to innovations in industrial and entertainment applications

Blue laser diodes continue to evolve, leading to new opportunities in applications from medical and stage lighting to manufacturing and automotive.
(Courtesy of Osram)
FIGURE 1. The beam profile of a 488 nm laser diode made by Osram is very smooth and Gaussian, but slightly asymmetric (a). A single-transverse-mode 488 nm laser diode (inset) with a 2 nm spectral bandwidth has a clean beam well suited for biological imaging (b).
Lasers & Sources

The use of laser diodes is leading to handheld medical instruments

High beam quality, many visible wavelengths, and compact size enable laser diodes to miniaturize medical instrumentation, leading to consumer versions.
Fraunhofer ILT
Significant increases in energy efficiency and output power for laser bars are the result of the EKOLAS research project.
Lasers & Sources

EKOLAS research project leads to novel laser bars with 70% wall-plug efficiency

The Efficient High-Performance Laser Beam Sources (EffiLAS) association has a project, EKOLAS, aimed at producing next-gen laser bars.
Lasers & Sources

Osram Opto Semiconductors pulsed laser has use in short-range lidar

The SPL DP90_3 single-channel pulsed infrared laser from provides 65 W at 20 A and is designed for short-range lidar applications to capture vehicle surroundings in autonomous...
Lasers & Sources

Osram Opto Semiconductors blue high-power laser has use in stage lighting

The PLPT9_450LA_E multimode laser diode is mounted in a hermetically sealed TO90 metal can package.
FIGURE 1. Absorption spectra of various functional groups (molecules). A broad spectrum is required for spectroscopic characterization due to overlapping absorption areas. A working range between 0.7 and 2.5 µm is ideal for the detection of organic components; many applications can be realized in the region between 0.7 and 1.0 µm.
Lasers & Sources

LED light source enables mobile spectroscopy for industry and consumer use

An LED with a tailored near-infrared phosphor provides an even spectrum for transmission spectroscopic measurements; compact multi-use spectrometers will result.
(Courtesy of Yole Développement)
The VCSEL market forecast is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31% from $1.247 million in 2019 to $3.775 million in 2024.
Lasers & Sources

Sensors & Sensing Panel: VCSELs vs. edge emitters and the race for new applications

The final panel of the Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar presented markets and trends for the vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), one of the fastest-growing...
FIGURE 1. This 905 nm four-channel surface-mount laser provides >480 W peak power.
Lasers & Sources

Lasers for Lidar: Monolithic multichannel laser moves automotive lidar toward practical use

A four-channel laser and ultrafast driver delivers more than 480 W peak power in 2 ns pulses.
An output spectrum (left) as a function of temperature is shown for an example OSRAM true-green laser diode (right).
Lasers & Sources

OSRAM unveils direct-emission green laser diodes emitting at wavelengths from 510 to 530 nm

The 30 and 50 mW laser diodes have the correct visual green color for projectors and light shows.
GaN Systems
The four-channel laser driver.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Osram and GaN Systems unveil fast high-power multichannel laser driver for lidar

The laser driver has a 1 ns pulse rise time and drives all four channels at 40 A each to deliver 480 W peak power.
(Courtesy of Blackmore)
FIGURE 1. Four Blackmore lidar sensors are mounted atop a BMW X5 test vehicle on the road.
Test & Measurement

Photonics Products: Lidar Systems: Automotive lidar draws heavily on photonics industry

The overlap is large between automotive lidar and familiar names in the photonics industry.
1804 Lfw Pro 14
Lasers & Sources

IR LED from Osram has utility in smartphones, tablets

The Synios P2720 LED provides 940 nm output so that an infrared camera can take a photo for facial recognition in smartphones or tablets.
FIGURE 1. The Osram PLT5 488 nm laser diode uses a direct emitting design to enable simpler, more cost-effective designs in biomedical applications.
Lasers & Sources

Visible Laser Diodes: How are green laser diodes changing biomedical diagnostics?

Direct green laser diodes emitting at 488 nm are replacing more complex DPSS lasers in flow cytometry systems and will enable more low-cost, highly portable cytometers and diagnostic...
(Courtesy Osram Opto Semiconductors)
Optical components designed in IBELIVE will enable a new generation of head-up displays.

Illumination optics consortium IBELIVE aims to miniaturize optical components

Project to develop extremely compact and low-profile optical components for data visualization or illumination.
(Courtesy of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors)
FIGURE 1. These unmounted pump laser-diode chips made by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors include high-power quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) bars (top left), low-fill-factor CW bars (top right), high-power CW bars (bottom left), and tailored mini-bars (bottom right).
Lasers & Sources

Photonics Products: High-power Laser Diodes: Pump laser diodes deliver high power for leading-edge applications

Laser diodes are efficient, narrowband, bright, and long-life, making them the ideal laser-pump source, and can be made to produce extremely high optical powers.
(Image credit: LeddarTech)
Osram is investing in LeddarTech and its solid-state lidar technology, which uses IR light to sense distances and location of objects for autonomous driving applications.
Test & Measurement

Osram acquires 25.1% of solid-state lidar company LeddarTech

To strengthen its position in the autonomous driving sector, Osram acquired a strategic share in LeddarTech.
(Photo courtesy Quanergy)
Startup Quanergy presented its S3 LIDAR module without moving parts at CES2017. Full scale manufacturing is scheduled for later this year.
Lasers & Sources

New LIDAR systems steal the headlines at CES2017

Smarter cars were the stars of CES2017—as were optical sensors.
(Image: Osram)
Prototype of a high-power laser bar, as developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors in the IMOTHEB project.
Lasers & Sources

Osram broad-area IR laser diode sets new lab record for brilliance

4.8 W/(mm*mrad) brightness enables 10% increase in pump-module output power for fiber-laser pumping.
(Image credit: DARPA)
FIGURE 1. Short-range Wide-field-of-view Extremely agile Electronically steered Photonic EmitteR (SWEEPER) technology provides non-mechanical beam steering on a chip-scale semiconductor platform towards the development of miniature lidar systems. These tiny lidar sensors could be placed on moving vehicles or warfighters to relay real-time information regarding the location and size of potential security threats.
Lasers & Sources

LIDAR: LIDAR nears ubiquity as miniature systems proliferate

LIDAR is becoming ubiquitous for infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, and a host of other tasks that even unmanned drones can perform.
High power output and compactness of the Osram Oslux SFH 4780S makes it ideal for iris scanning.
Lasers & Sources

Osram infrared LEDs enable smartphone unlocking by iris scanning

IREDs from Osram are being used as the light source to unlock mobile devices by scanning the iris of the user.
Luminous flux and efficacy are shown as a function of operating current for an InGaN-based green LED and an InGaN-based phosphor-conversion LED.
Lasers & Sources

Osram InGaN and InGaN-plus-phosphor LEDs achieve highest-yet efficacies in green

Two types of indium gallium nitride (InGaN) LED created by Osram Opto Semiconductors (Regensburg, Germany) have achieved the highest luminous efficacies (measured in lumens per...
Osram Opto Semiconductors
The integrated sensor SFH 7050 features three LED emitters and a photodiode in a compact unit for fitness monitoring.
Test & Measurement

Osram launches LED-based fitness-monitoring sensor

Osram Opto Semiconductors has launched the SFH 7050—its first integrated optical sensor for automatic fitness tracking.
1408prod Osram
Lasers & Sources

LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors provide brightness of 41 lm at 100 mA

The low-profile rectangular shape of the Synios E4014 LED allows light to be injected into light guides for flexibility of design.
A view in the clean room shows an assembly system transporting a 6-in. wafer; 4-in. wafers can be seen on the left.
Lasers & Sources

Osram switches its red and yellow LED fabrication up to 6-in. wafers

Regensburg, Germany--Osram Opto Semiconductors is switching its fabrication of red, orange, and yellow LEDs, which are made from indium gallium aluminum phosphide (InGaAlP), from...
2 Lfw 17 Osram
Lasers & Sources

Osram Opto Semiconductors infrared chip achieves 72% efficiency at 100 mA

The 1 mm2 infrared chip prototype has achieved efficiency of up to 72% at 100 mA using thin-film technology.
Osram Opto Semiconductors
The 850-nm-emitting chip has an efficiency of up to 72% and a quantum efficiency that remains around 65% for currents of up to 1 A.

Prototype thin-film IR-emitting chip sets efficiency record for Osram

Regensberg, Germany--A 1 mm2 infrared (IR)-emitting prototype chip from Osram Opto Semiconductors has reached an efficiency of up to 72% at a 100 mA current at room temperature...
(Courtesy Osram Opto Semiconductors)
Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced two green laser diode products with wavelengths from 510-530 nm and power levels between 30 and 50 mW for picoprojection, pointing, RGB, and other applications.
Positioning, Support & Accessories

Green laser diodes now offered by Osram

Regensburg, Germany--Green 510-530 nm laser diodes are now available from Osram for picoprojection and other RGB or green-laser applications.
1210 Lfw Prod16 Osram
Lasers & Sources

Blue LED from Osram provides signal lighting

The Oslon signal LED uses thin-film chip technology and emits bright blue light, providing signal lighting for police and emergency vehicles.
Osram is fabricating GaN-based LEDs on 6 inch Si-wafer substrates (one of which is shown), with the project currently in the pilot stage; the company is also experimenting with GaN-LED fabrication on 8 inch wafers.

Osram manufacture of gallium nitride LED chips on silicon wafers reaches pilot stage

Sunnyvale, CA--Researchers at Osram Opto Semiconductors have figured out how to manufacture high-performance gallium nitride (GaN)-based blue and white LEDs on 150-mm-diameter...
Stacked OLEDs have improved output characteristics and longer lifetime than conventional single-active-layer OLEDs

Stacking OLEDs improves output and lifetime

Engineers at Osram AG have developed a stacked organic light-emitting diode (OLED) architecture that improves output characteristics and increases lifetime compared to conventional...
Image courtesy of Visteon/OSRAM/CCS
Student designers at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) collaborated with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Visteon to research and develop new LED-based designs for exterior automotive lighting and styling concepts.
Lasers & Sources

Student designers partner with Visteon, OSRAM on future automotive lighting concepts

Detroit, MI--As part of the College for Creative Studies' (CCS's) ongoing Corporate Sponsorship program, 18 CCS Transportation Design seniors researched areas of innovation focused...
In lab tests, OSRAM achieved 32 lumens per Watt for its flexible, steel-foil-backed OLED—a new peak value.

Steel-foil-backed flexible OLED from OSRAM achieves record efficiency

Munich, Germany--OSRAM developed a steel-foil-backed, flexible OLED that reached a record efficiency of 32 lm/W.
10 Lfw 4 Osram
Lasers & Sources

Osram IR emitter provides 35 mW output power for optical touch-screens

The ChipLED SFH 4053 infrared emitter is designed for use with optical touch-screens.
Content Dam Etc Medialib New Lib Laser Focus World Online Articles 2011 04 97980
Lasers & Sources

Osram LEDs help create new automotive-lighting applications

Osram Opto Semiconductors' active development of automotive LED technology is paying off handsomely.
Lasers & Sources

Osram Opto Semiconductors expands chip capacity

Sunnyvale, CA--Osram Opto Semiconductors plans significant capacity expansion at two of its indium gallium nitride (InGaN) fabrication facilities. The InGaN chips are used for...
7 Lfw 20 Osram
Lasers & Sources

Warm white LED from OSRAM suits general illumination applications

A warm white LED prototype is designed for general illumination applications. It provides a color temperature of 3000 K and a color rendering index of 82.
(Courtesy of Osram)
A red LED reaches a luminous efficacy of 136 lm/W at a current of 70 mA, and 119 lm/W at 350 mW (the latter achievement is more important, as the total output in lumens is much higher at 350 mW).
Lasers & Sources

Red Osram LED sets new laboratory efficiency record

Developers at Osram Opto Semiconductors have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of red thin-film LEDs by 30%.
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Detectors & Imaging

OSRAM light sensor offers data rates up to 3.4 MHz

The SFH 5712 is a low-voltage digital ambient light sensor that converts light intensity to digital signal output capable of direct inter-IC bus interface.
Content Dam Etc Medialib Platform 7 Laser Focus World Articles Online Exclusive Articles 2010 Global 5892
Lasers & Sources

LEDs are low- and high-beam, cornering lamps in Audi A8

For the first time in a production car, LEDs are being used as low- and high-beam headlamps, in addition to daytime running lights. The LED headlamps in the new Audi A8 are electronical...

Osram develops direct green-emitting laser diode

Osram Opto Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA and Regensburg, Germany) has developed a direct green-emitting indium gallium nitride (InGaN) laser diode at an optical output of 50 mW...
FIGURE 1. Vehicles equipped with near-infrared night-vision systems powered by LEDs deliver high-resolution images of hazards in the road that drivers could not see with standard headlights.
Lasers & Sources

AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY: LED photonics technology lights the way, safely

Optoelectronics technology is equipping cars with "active" safety features that work as hard as drivers to prevent accidents.
FIGURE 1. Laser-based rear-projection TVs (left) utilizFIGURE 1. Laser-based rear-projection TVs (left) utilize compact solid-state lasers (red, green, and blue) to achieve superior image brightness, color gamut, and resolution compared to conventional lamp-based projection TVs (right).e compact solid-state lasers (red, green, and blue) to achieve superior image brightness, color gamut, and resolution compared to conventional lamp-based projection TVs (right).
Lasers & Sources

Optoelectronic Applications: Projection Displays: Laser-based projectors target consumer market

Rear-projection TVs now offer superior image quality, but price is still a sticking point.
Motor vehicles have already begun to incorporate near-IR ­vision systems to enhance nighttime driving safety.
Lasers & Sources

Solid-state sources tackle night vision

By extending visible light-emitting-­diode (LED) and laser technology into the near-IR spectrum, developers of solid-state lighting systems are also expanding the capabilities...
Doped transport layers in red, green, and blue OLEDs make the devices highly efficient.

Collaboration draws Europe into OLED flat-panel-display market

German researchers have achieved encouraging results in research on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), giving rise to the hope that European companies might someday capture...
Detectors & Imaging

New packaging for IR emitter diodes and detectors

Regensburg, Germany--OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced new packaging technology for its infrared (IR) emitter diodes and detectors. The surface-mount technology (SMT) devices...