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Courtesy of Master Bond
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

Two Part, Silver Filled Silicone Adhesive Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications

Master Bond MasterSil 323S-LO is an addition cured silicone that is not only electrically conductive, but also thermally conductive. This ASTM E-595 low outgassing rated product...
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

One Part Epoxy Changes from Red to Clear Under UV Light

Master Bond UV15RCL is a low viscosity, cationic type UV curing system with a special color changing feature. The originally red material changes to clear once exposed to UV light...
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

Two Part Structural Epoxy Meets ISO 10993-5 for Non-Cytotoxicity

Master Bond Supreme 11AOHTMed is a two component epoxy featuring thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. This system fully passes ISO 10993-5 testing for non-cytotoxicity...
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

Food Grade Epoxy Features Enhanced Chemical Resistance

EP42HT-2FG Black is a two part, moderate heat cured epoxy with high temperature resistance that complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact applications. The epoxy...

Optimax Named as one of Americas Best Small Business by Forbes

To help potential job seekers assess the landscape of small employers, Forbes  introduced a new list: America’s Best Small Employers, defined here as companies employing...
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

Flexible, Thixotropic, One Component Dual Cure Epoxy

Master Bond UV23FLDC-80TK is a moderate viscosity, cationic type system that offers both UV light and heat curing mechanisms. It cures readily within 20-30 seconds when exposed...

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Courtesy of Menlo Systems Gmbh
Instrumentation, metrology

Ultrastable Microwave Systems: Revolutionizing microwave and RF generation

Menlo Systems release their range of Ultrastable Microwave Systems (UMS): a groundbreaking advancement in microwave technology for the synthesis of ultra-high spectral purity ...
Laser Systems Parts & Accessories

New 5W-100W Square Light Spot Laser Solutions for Photovoltaic Cell Inspection

Lumispot Tech has established itself as a forefront innovator in the laser technology sector. Leveraging its proprietary development of a new generation of high-uniformity, high...
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

Underfill Epoxy Offers High Glass Transition Temperature and Low Viscosity

Master Bond EP114 is a two component, low viscosity, NASA low outgassing rated, heat cured epoxy that can be effectively utilized for underfill, coating, impregnating and porosity...
Training & education

High-tech trade fair W3+ Fair celebrates a successful 10th birthday in Wetzlar

Hamburg/ Wetzlar, March 18, 2024. The 10th W3+ Fair in Wetzlar (, the networking trade fair and conference for enabling technologies in the fields of optics, photonics...
Training & education

The inaugural Asia Photonics Expo Grandly Opened in Singapore

Organised by Informa Markets, the inaugural Asia Photonics Expo (APE), is successfully launched at Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore on the opening day. With an exhibition...
Lasers, fiber (non-telecom)

ELMO 780 XHP: Industry proven. Output power multiplied.

Menlo System’s launches ELMO 780 XHP, the most recent development within their industry-grade femtosecond erbium fiber laser series. The new high-power version delivers ...
Training & education

Only 5 Weeks Left! Join Asia Photonics Expo 2024 and Shape the Future of Photonics Innovation

APE 2024 - Asia Photonics Expo 2024 will be held from 6 to 8 March 2024 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Marina Bay Sands) Basement 2. Spanning an expansive 15,000 square...
Instrumentation, metrology

Menlo Systems Inc.: New General Manager Jens Schumacher

Menlo Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Jens Schumacher as the new General Manager of Menlo Systems Inc., its US subsidiary. Jens brings with him more than 20 ...

HOLOEYE purchased significant part of Jasper Display Corporation’s LCOS technology portfolio

Berlin, Germany – 22 January 2024 - HOLOEYE Photonics AG announced that it has acquired assets from Jasper Display Corp’s (JDC) LCOS technology portfolio. JDC was ...
Laser diodes

Latest Product in Laser Diode Arrays Makes Its Debut

In line with the trend towards miniaturization, our company has introduced the conduction-cooled LM-808-Q2000-F-G10-P0.38-0 bar stack series. Leveraging advanced technologies ...

Wasatch Photonics Introduces the X Series for Raman Spectroscopy

Wasatch Photonics is excited to announce its new flagship line of compact Raman spectrometers and systems. The WP Raman X series is the most powerful, comprehensive compact Raman...
Laser diodes

Lumispot Tech Announces Participation in the 2024 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition

Suzhou, China - Lumispot Tech, a leader in laser technology and innovation, is excited to announce its participation in the 2024 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition, the world's premier...
Optical coating & fabrication capabilities

LASEROPTIK GmbH honored with TRUMPF Supplier Award

LASEROPTIK GmbH was honored with the TRUMPF Supplier Award in the ”Best Innovator” category at the TRUMPF Supplier Day. The laudatory speech highlighted in particular...
Training & education

The new W3+ Fair Jena 2023 creates a marketplace for the high-tech industry in Thuringia

·       Jenoptik, Zeiss and many SMEs: Over 160 exhibitors, partners and speakers from Thuringia, other German states and abroad ·&...

Fiber-coupled LED Features a Broadband Spectrum Extending from The UV to The NIR for Applications in Spectroscopy

Manchester, NH, November 8, 2023 – LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Model X3312 Fiber-coupled LED source that employs a unique phosphor-coated UV-LED to emit a broad...
Master Sil711 Med
Adhesives, chemicals and sealants

One Part RTV Silicone Passes Non-Cytotoxicity Standards

Master Bond MasterSil 711Med is a one component, medical grade silicone adhesive that resists temperatures up to 400°F.
Micro Laser Ranging Module

Lumispot Tech Unveils 3km Micro Laser Ranging Module with 1m Accuracy

Lumispot Tech's compact 3km laser ranging module is an innovative addition to precision distance measurement tools. Engineered with a proprietary 1535nm glass laser, this sophisticated...
Time Domain
Sources, terahertz

High-Power Fiber-Coupled Photo-conductive Antennas

Menlo Systems present their novel TERA15-HP-TX high-power fiber-coupled broadband terahertz (THz) antennas in their TERA15 series, thereby setting the benchmark for efficiency...