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  • Volume 58, Issue 12

    Photo 97039627 © Pat Lalli | Dreamstime.com
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    Executive Forum

    Lingering challenges in the photonics industry

    Nov. 18, 2022
    We are in the middle of very strange economic times: are we in a boom, a recession, or both?
    (Courtesy of TRUMPF)
    FIGURE 1. LMD processing of the 718 portion of the hybrid component.
    Laser Processing

    Laser metal deposition for additive manufacturing a hybrid propulsion component for space

    Nov. 15, 2022
    Additive manufacturing (AM), a.k.a. 3D printing, is used for applications such as medical, automotive, consumer products, commercial aviation, and most interestingly, space exploration...
    (Courtesy of Agilent Technologies)
    Cell Metabolism
    Bio&Life Sciences

    Activating immune cell metabolism via solid-state sensors

    Nov. 14, 2022
    Immune cell metabolism plays a central role in building next-generation cell therapies using solid-state sensors.
    (Image credit: Lončar Lab)
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    Lasers & Sources

    On-chip electro-optic frequency comb overcomes efficiency-bandwidth tradeoff

    Nov. 11, 2022
    An on-chip electro-optic frequency comb, based on a coupled-resonator platform on thin-film lithium niobate, acts as an on-chip femtosecond pulse source—making it promising for...
    (Courtesy of Jetson)
    FIGURE 1. Sorry, the Jetson ONE personal eVTOL is sold out for 2022 and 2023. But for $92,000, you too can get in line for this commercially available flying car for 2024. Once it’s shipped from Sweden, you’ll have to assemble it yourself. Classified as an ultralight aircraft in the U.S., the Jetson ONE does not require a pilot’s license, but would be limited to rural areas.
    Detectors & Imaging

    Electric flight is taking off, thanks to photonics

    Nov. 10, 2022
    Flying cars, eVTOLs, or giant drones: whatever you call them, photonics is playing a large part in the burgeoning commercial reality of electric, autonomous air mobility.

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    MKS Instruments
    MKS Instruments CEO and President John T.C. Lee
    Executive Forum

    Faces in Photonics: John T.C. Lee, MKS Instruments

    Nov. 8, 2022
    MKS Instruments CEO John T.C. Lee discusses his passion for photonics, innovation, collaboration, and DEI.
    University of Gothenburg
    Illustrations showing microplanktons (green) being imaged with a holographic microscope. The holograms (shown at the bottom) act as a unique fingerprint of the microplankton dry mass and vertical distance.
    Detectors & Imaging

    Under the sea: Holographic microscopy gets to the heart of plankton

    Nov. 7, 2022
    Supplemented with artificial intelligence, a new holographic microscopy approach offers a better understanding of one of the ocean’s more important, and most mysterious, creatures...
    Martin Valigursky | Dreamstime.com
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    Detectors & Imaging

    Startup works with Irish institute to develop life saving technology

    Nov. 4, 2022
    Raydiant Oximetry and Tyndall National Institute team up to create a photonics based device that could represent a meaningful change childbirth.
    FIGURE 1. Schematic of the experimental setup. Both the Bell state source and polarization qubit memory are realized as all-optical loops. Polarization-resolved detection of one photon triggers the FPGA (center of the picture), which in turn controls the quantum memory by acting on an electro-optic modulator. At the output of the memory, the photons’ polarization is detected. QWP: quarter-wave plate; HWP: half-wave plate; DM: dichroic mirror; PBS: polarizing beam splitter; EOM: electro-optic modulator.

    Spooky action: First programmable all-optical quantum qubit memory

    Oct. 28, 2022
    Researchers in Germany create the first programmable all-optical buffer quantum memory capable of dynamically switching back and forth between storage mode, interference mode,...
    (Courtesy of Abraham Beyene, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus)
    A schematic of DopaFilm shows spatially resolved hotspots of activity (top) and DopaFilm’s fluorescent nanosensors glow brighter when exposed to dopamine (bottom).
    Bio&Life Sciences

    Material made of fluorescent nanosensors may boost neural discoveries

    Oct. 26, 2022
    By measuring the release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters, a composite material can help provide a better understanding of chemical neurotransmission.
    (Photo credit: Rafael Barros)
    Spatial light modulator used to shape the structure of two photons to generated the desired quantum state.
    Lasers & Sources

    Quantum light behaves differently than classical focused laser beams

    Oct. 25, 2022
    The Gouy phase for quantum light is not only different than its classical counterpart, its origin can be linked to another quantum state.
    (Photo credit: Vincent Hahn/KIT)
    For light sheet 3D printing, red and blue lasers are used to print objects precisely and quickly at a micrometer scale.
    Lasers & Sources

    Special resin, crossed laser beams enable fast 3D microprinting

    Oct. 24, 2022
    A group of researchers in Germany and Australia created a 3D-printing resin that gets irradiated simultaneously by crossed red and blue laser beams, along with a dedicated 3D ...