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Monocrom Liom Series
Laser diodes

MONOCROM - LiOM Series for LiDAR

Short pulse lasers for Scanning, iToF, Gatted imaging and Flash LiDAR applications, with impressive short pulse duration starting at 6.5 ns. Provides high precision, peak power...
Materials- marking

2 µm Q-Switched Module (AP-QS1-MOD)

10W, nanosecond 2 µm fiber laser for laser micromachiningLearn More
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Green Pulsed Laser (AP-515)

EVERESTnanoTM Green50W, 5ns, 515nm for laser drilling, cutting, marking and scribing. Learn More
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1 μm Picosecond Fiber Laser (AP-1030P)

EVERESTpicoTM 1 μm 100W, 50ps, 1030nm fiber laser for laser micromachiningLearn More
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Green Picosecond Laser (AP-515P)

EVERESTpicoTM Green30W, 50ps/15ps, 515nm for laser micromachiningLearn More
Laser & System Manufacturers

Laser Glass Processing Machine

Laser machine for high speed, high quality, low cost of glass drilling, glass cutting, and moreLearn More
How Laser Plastic Welding Works
Laser & System Manufacturers

Services for laser plastic welding

First-class expertiseThe most important cornerstone of a robust welding process is the assistance in the early phases of a project. Our application experts have decades of experience...
Evosys Laser Plastic Welding
Laser & System Manufacturers

Systems and process know-how for laser plastic welding

EVOSYS develops and manufactures customised laser systems for material processing. With our many years of market and process experience, we offer creative and innovative solutions...
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Laser & System Manufacturers

Product Release: TPSR-Xtended for High-Energy Ultrafast Lasers

TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum™ TPSR-Xtended is a key component for ultrafast laser designers who are looking to maintain high peak power without creating strong Self-Phase Modulation...
Fiberoptic light sources

Raman Scattering Suppressor (RSS)

The RSS is an all-fiber, FBG-based unique bandpass filter that eliminates the Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) while transmitting the laser signal in high-power fiber lasers....
Laser & System Manufacturers

Tunable Pulse Stretcher (TPSR)

The TPSR is an effective solution to control pulse durations in chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) systems that use a diffraction grating (Treacy), or volume Bragg grating compressor...
Tpsr Xtended 500
Laser & System Manufacturers

Extended Tunable Pulse Stretcher (TPSR-Xtended)

TPSR-Xtended is specially designed for high-energy ultrafast lasers which require more stretching of the pulse before the amplification chain. With up to 50% more stretching than...
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Materials- marking


The GeoMARK Eco is a compact class IV 20 watt laser with touchscreen PC. A large range of part sizes can be marked with the long travel Z-axis.
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The GeoMARK Pro is a certified Class I laser marking system. A 20 Watt pulsed fiber laser with an extended frequency range and high speed scanning.