(Courtesy of Lumicell)
FIGURE 1. Lumicell’s LUMISIGHT optical imaging agent and direct visualization system assists surgeons in detecting residual cancer after surgery.
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Fluorescence imaging system may improve cancer care

June 12, 2023
Currently under review by the U.S. FDA, a handheld imaging probe may help surgeons detect residual cancer after surgery via a contrast agent.
(Courtesy of Leonardo Ayala/DKFZ)
The newly developed multispectral imaging-AI device (left) makes it possible to visualize functional properties of tissue, compared to conventional devices (right), which only generate an RGB video image.
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Keyhole surgery enhanced by AI/multispectral imaging

April 17, 2023
As minimally invasive surgeries become more commonplace, a combination AI/multispectral imaging method is laying the groundwork for more personalized, effective disease treatments...
(Courtesy of Laia Josa Culleré, IQAC-CSIC)
FIGURE 1. Photopharmacology is a promising approach to treating diseases such as cancer more effectively and with fewer harmful side effects.
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Changing the face of cancer treatment with light-controlled drugs

March 9, 2023
Photopharmacology, an emerging approach to treating diseases, has the potential to upend conventional tactics for combatting cancer.
(Courtesy of RSP Systems)
A miniaturized, wearable sensor reads blood glucose levels quickly and noninvasively using miniature laser diodes.
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Wearable device promises easier glucose monitoring

March 3, 2023
While techniques to monitor blood glucose levels have made the process easier for those with diabetes, some level of invasiveness remains. A new device could help.
(Courtesy of Harsharan Singh Bhatia and Ali Ertürk, Helmholtz Munich)
Aortic regions of a human heart whose vascular plaques have been analyzed by DISCO-MS, a 3D spatial-omics technology that uses robotics to acquire proteomics data from cells identified early in diseases.
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Spatial-omics explores cellular organization and interactions within tissues

Feb. 15, 2023
Using spatial-omics, researchers could detect and analyze disease biomarkers at early stages of development, ultimately leading to quicker, more effective treatments.

Introduction to LAMPPY - Universal Optical DNA Detection System

July 28, 2021
LAMPPY is a compact and reliable instrument capable of detecting pathogens at a fraction of the cost of qPCR machines. LAMPPY is an 8-well system with interchangeable heater blocks...
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Partnership launches self-retaining surgical ring retractor with light

The self-retaining ring retractor with light gives surgeons better access and a clearer view of the surgical site, and eliminates the disadvantages of using overhead lighting ...
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Jenoptik’s BioPhotonics Group garners four new development orders

The new projects demonstrate Jenoptik’s precision optical system design capabilities and its commitment to advancing medical devices.
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Grant to boost development of optical fiber sensor-equipped breathing tube

The optical fiber sensor-based endotracheal tube, called iTraXS, aims to prevent pressure injury to the airway and to assist with monitoring vital signs.