Metrohm acquires IPS and its Raman spectroscopy portfolio

The acquisition of IPS contributes enhances Metrohm's development in handheld Raman systems.

Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS; Monmouth Junction, NJ) was acquired by Metrohm (Herisau, Switzerland). The companies say that the acquisition of IPS contributes to the strategic growth of Metrohm and enhances its further development in its portfolio of handheld Raman systems.

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John Connolly, CEO of IPS, stresses the broader distribution channels and stronger financial backing that the partnership will bring to IPS. "I've been very impressed with the exceptional values and can-do spirit of both Metrohm's technical and business executives and I am looking forward to working with the Metrohm team." Dieter Strohm, EVP and CTO of Metrohm, emphasizes that IPS will continue to operate its business as before, reporting directly to Metrohm HQ in Switzerland.

Founded in 1943 by the engineer Bertold Suhner, Metrohm is one of the world’s leading maker of instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm is unique in offering solutions for all varieties of ion analysis. Besides this, the Metrohm portfolio also includes a complete portfolio for NIR-/ and Raman spectroscopy, software, dosing systems and solutions for laboratory automation.

IPS says it is the largest producer of Raman spectroscopy diode-based light components in the world, supplying the majority of the OEMs in the marketplace. Founded in 2003, the company’s products range from simple components such as packaged diodes to OEM modules including electronics to complete custom-designed systems.

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