(Courtesy of Dwight Coleman)
FIGURE 1. InVADER project leader Pablo Sobron explains the system’s mission to the team of scientists onboard E/V Nautilus before ocean deployment.
Test & Measurement

Robotic vehicle plunges into ocean exploration with an optical sensing platform

Aug. 9, 2023
An optical sensing platform is helping identify, analyze, and catalog marine minerals and biodiversity along the sea floor. And as the technology matures, researchers say extraterrestri...
Essent Optics
Test & Measurement

Spectrophotometer measures LWIR-optimized optical coatings

Aug. 9, 2023
The PHOTON RT 7512 spectrophotometer performs transmission and reflection measurements of plano-optics with coatings optimized for LWIR.
Craic Technologies
Test & Measurement

Microspectrophotometer has 200–2500 nm spectral range

July 24, 2023
The 2030XL PRO microspectrophotometer provides nondestructive analysis of microscopic areas of very large samples.
Horiba Scientific
Detectors & Imaging

Microscope features 300 × 300 mm automated sample stage

June 10, 2023
The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor microscope provides photoluminescence and Raman imaging on wafers up to 300 mm diameter.
(Courtesy of RÜBIG)
(Courtesy of RÜBIG)
Test & Measurement

Industrial surface hardening: Shining a light on process control

May 10, 2023
Mid-infrared frequency comb spectroscopy shines the way to dynamic process control of plasma nitriding.
(Courtesy of Wasatch Photonics)
FIGURE 1. Low f/# transmission spectrometers offer greater sensitivity for Raman spectroscopy than traditional f/4 crossed Czerny-Turner spectrometers.
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Choosing a portable Raman spectrometer

April 10, 2023
Sensitivity, reproducibility, configurability, ease of use, and data access are all key to enabling the next generation of Raman spectroscopy applications in the field, the clinic...
Photonics Industries
Lasers & Sources

Air-cooled picosecond lasers available in three wavelengths

April 9, 2023
RGLX Series high-pulse-energy picosecond laser models offer pulse widths less than 25 ps.
I Rsweep
Test & Measurement

Dual-comb spectrometer designed for vibrational spectroscopy

April 6, 2023
The compact Iris-C frequency comb spectrometer provides 1 ms to 1 µs time resolution in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) range.
(Image credit: Edmund Optics)
2305 Lfw Whe F
Lasers & Sources

Basics of ultrafast lasers: Part 1

March 23, 2023
This article is part one of a two-part series focused on ultrafast lasers.