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  • Volume 60, Issue 02

    Photo 217919013 © Kirill Gorshkov | Dreamstime.com

    How to resolve the photonics community’s skilled workforce shortage

    Jan. 16, 2024
    Two research reports offer insight into the type of commitment required to get—and stay—ahead of a seemingly intractable problem.
    (Photo credit: ICFO)
    Lasers & Sources

    Nontoxic colloidal quantum dots enable SWIR photodetectors, image sensors

    Jan. 10, 2024
    Researchers in Spain create nontoxic colloidal quantum dots that preserve the advantageous properties of their heavy-metal counterparts—and use them in high-performance SWIR photodetect...
    (Image credit: Pusan National University)

    Patterned waveguide boosts signal amplification within perovskite nanosheets

    Jan. 9, 2024
    Researchers in South Korea demonstrate light amplification via chemically synthesized perovskite nanosheets—a new laser medium.
    (Image credit: Fluence)
    Laser Processing

    Femtosecond fiber lasers improve processing of ultrathin glass and polymers

    Jan. 9, 2024
    A higher quality edge, without compromising speed or efficiencies, provides promise for new applications.
    (Photo credit: University of Kansas)
    Lasers & Sources

    Ultrafast lasers track ‘ballistic’ motion of electrons within graphene

    Jan. 8, 2024
    Compared to electrical detection, an all-optical ultrafast laser technique provides the resolution needed to explore electron transport within ballistic and coherent regimes.

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    (Image credit: Eblana Photonics)
    Executive Forum

    Advancing in photonics: It’s about the journey

    Jan. 5, 2024
    Jim Somers, CEO of Eblana Photonics, describes his professional evolution, emphasizing the importance of thinking like an entrepreneur, and charts what’s next in laser diodes....
    (Image credit: UCLA)
    Detectors & Imaging

    Terahertz focal-plane array enables real-time, super-resolution imaging

    Jan. 4, 2024
    A plasmonic photoconductive terahertz focal-plane array (THz-FPA) tackles a long-standing imaging speed problem and enables rich, high-quality terahertz information.
    (Image credit: BOLD Laser Automation)
    Laser Processing

    The essential role of fixture design in laser-based welding applications

    Jan. 3, 2024
    In order to unlock the full potential of laser welding, five essential functions must be addressed in fixture design.
    (Photo credit: Sam O’Keefe/University of Missouri)
    Detectors & Imaging

    Webb’s infrared images reveal transients within Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster

    Dec. 20, 2023
    Imagery from Webb Space Telescope and gravitational lensing effects may help researchers hunt for dark matter.
    (Image credit: Hegelich Lab)
    Lasers & Sources

    Advanced wakefield laser accelerator hits energy milestone

    Dec. 14, 2023
    A team of researchers immediately knew something was different about their wakefield laser accelerator when they started shooting at the Texas Petawatt Laser: adding aluminum ...