Energetiq expands its operations by opening new facility

Sept. 11, 2019
High-brightness broadband light-source maker Energetiq's new 32,000 sq ft location provides larger labs, engineering space, showroom, and production areas.

Energetiq Technology, which makes high-brightness broadband light sources, hosted a grand opening on Sept. 5 at its new facility in Wilmington, MA, about 45 minutes north of Boston. Energetiq's expansion and revenue growth over the last several years has driven the relocation of the company's office space and the expansion of manufacturing to its new 32,000 sq ft facility.

The space includes a customer showroom as well as larger logistics and clean manufacturing areas and improved R&D laboratories incorporating safety-interlocked laser labs, a darkroom, a machine shop, and other areas, as well as extra desk space for visiting customers and lab space for testing customers' made-to-order devices.

Energetiq was formed 15 years ago; its first product was the EQ-10 Electrodeless Z-Pinch Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) product line, which is a compact source of 13.5 nm EUV light for EUV lithography metrology and other related applications (other wavelengths can be produced down to 2.8 nm). The company developed this product years before EUV lithography started to come into actual use, and is now reaping the benefits of the beginning use of EUV lithography by companies like Samsung and others.

In the meantime, the company invented its the Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) and Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source (LDTLS), which are also used in (non-EUV) lithography metrology, as well as other uses such as spectroscopy. In these sources, a laser-driven xenon plasma produces a small (on the order of 100 μm in size) broadband emission source; depending on the device, the spectrum can reach from deep-UV through visible or into the midwave and longwave infrared.

Energetiq was acquired by Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu, Japan) in 2017 for $42 million; Hamamatsu itself has a long history of developing and marketing light sources such as the xenon lamps and mercury xenon lamps for semiconductor inspection and other uses.

"Finding a new home for our growing workforce and improving employee wellbeing was critical to the team," says Debbie Gustafson, CEO of Energetiq. "We chose a facility that could accommodate indoor/outdoor experiences including collaboration areas and quiet spaces strengthening the culture of innovation. This new facility allows us to support Energetiq's growing customer base by increasing the footprint available for manufacturing, research and development, customer support, and administrative functions."

For more information about Energetiq, see www.energetiq.com/factsheet.

Source: Energetiq

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