Iridian Spectral Technologies

Iridian Spectral Technologies is a world leader in optical filter solutions for a wide range of applications including filters for flow cytometry. Iridian’s highly advanced, proprietary thin film design and manufacturing technology delivers durable, high performance filters; from initial prototypes to volume supply our automated production facility ensures both technically superior and cost effective solutions are offered. Iridian specializes in customized filter solutions and also offers standard filter offerings compatible with common excitation sources and fluorophores.

Iridian’s dichroic and emission filters provide more signal with less background to flow cytometry instrument users and OEMs. Our dichroic (FLD) and emission (FLE) filters optimize the discrimination of light emitted from different fluorophores in the optical path of multi-colour flow cytometers. They provide:

  • High transmission/reflection levels
  • Low ripple
  • Steep edges
  • Deep blocking outside of pass band

These filter features eliminate background excitation and overlap of emission signals from different fluorophores while maintaining high channel signal, leading to improved data capture and analysis.

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