Horiba Scientific
Test & Measurement

Fluorescence analyzers add pulse processing algorithm feature

April 8, 2023
The XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert fluorescence analyzers have improved detection systems and a patented pulse processing algorithm.
Andor Technology
Bio&Life Sciences

sCMOS camera is suited for life science imaging

Jan. 2, 2023
The ZL41 sCMOS camera can transform a regular fluorescence microscope into a super-resolution microscope.
FIGURE 1. Screenshot of hardware and analysis settings for a smFRET experiment with 532 nm and 640 nm pulsed interleaved excitation and dual-channel detection, yielding three logical analysis channels.
Bio&Life Sciences

Novel microscope for dynamic structural biology with single-molecule FRET

Dec. 16, 2022
A new single-photon-counting confocal microscope combines state-of-the-art hardware with cutting-edge software to deliver high-quality data while simplifying daily operation.
(Courtesy of Florian Ströhl, UiT Arctic University of Norway)
FIGURE 1. The new microscope re-distributes light from a volume such that many depths are imaged simultaneously next to each other, allowing a fast camera to record the entire volume in a single shot.
Detectors & Imaging

Next-generation microscope boosts opportunities

Dec. 8, 2022
Multifocus microscope produces multiple 3D images clearer and quicker than conventional technologies with the ability to revolutionize imaging applications.
FIGURE 1. A 3-g MINI2P miniaturized head-mounted two-photon microscope.
Bio&Life Sciences

Two-photon microscopy advances bio research

Dec. 6, 2022
Decades of research focused on two-photon laser scanning microscopy is enabling new ways for neuroscientists to measure in vivo neuronal activity in three dimensions.
Fluorescence Microscopy

Faster image processing could boost access to fluorescence microscopy

The image processing technique has been shown to reduce post-processing time up to several thousand-fold.
Chroma Four Set

Chroma moves to 24-hour production of COVID-19 PCR test fluorescence filter

To help increase testing for the COVID-19 virus, Chroma Technology has moved to three-shift, seven-days-a-week production of desperately needed optical filters required for PCR...

Smartphone-driven detector identifies pathogens in about 30 minutes

The roughly $50 smartphone accessory could reduce the pressure on testing laboratories during a pandemic such as COVID-19.
Laser Image

Optical imaging method could improve tumor mapping, brain activity study

The optical imaging technology uses contrast in the absorption of light and fluorescent agents that are introduced into the body to find tumors and/or blood vessels within the...