iC-Haus GmbH

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Am Kuemmerling 18
Bodenheim, Germany

iC-Haus GmbH is one of the leading independent German manufacturers of standard iCs(ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions. The company has been active in the design, production and sales of application-specific iCs for industrial, automotive and medical technology for over 25 years and is represented worlwide.The iC-Haus cell libraries in CMOS, bipolar and BCD technologies are fully equipped to realize the design of sensor and actuator iCs, laser/opto iCs, magnetic Hall and optical encoders iCs, driver iCs and other mixed-signal components. The iCs are assembled either in standard plastic packages or using chip-on-board technolgy to manufacture complete microsystems, multichip modules, and optoBGTTM , latter in conjunction with sensors.