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Produces large and demanding high precision optical components and systems for more than 40 years and is today internationally acknowledged for its technical expertise, attention to quality and customer service.


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Custom off-axis paraboloids offer completely achromatic performance

A line of off-axis paraboloids is available with off-axis angles as large as 45°.

Reflective beam expanders produce no central obscuration

A-1 Series reflective beam expanders have standard magnification configurations of 3.5x, 5x, 7.5x, 10x, and 30x.

Precision ellipsoidal mirrors have use in telescopes

Ellipsoidal mirrors are produced of Zerodur, BK7, and fused silica.
Optical Surfaces

Large-diameter mirror mounts suited for stability-critical applications

The OS350 and OS450 mounts provide researchers with a smaller and lighter stable mounting platform for large-diameter mirrors.
Optical Surfaces

Solid and air-spaced etalons come in various shapes

Solid and air-spaced etalons in various shapes are available at customer-defined wavelengths from 190 nm to 2 µm and surface accuracy >λ/300 P-V.
Optical Surfaces

Beam expander optics increase output beam diameters to 300–600 mm

Large-output beam expander modules use an air-spaced lens doublet input coupled to a large spherical lens.
Optical Surfaces

Mounts for wedged back mirrors available

A mounting system for wedged back off-axis parabolic mirrors, constructed in black anodized aluminum, accommodates mirror diameters from 50 to 200 mm.
Optical Surfaces

Optical mounts achieve two-axis angular alignment

Optical mounts mechanically support parabolic, spherical, and flat mirrors from 100 to 600 mm diameter.
Optical Surfaces

Optical flats and coated flat mirrors available in range of noncircular shapes

Optical flats and coated flat mirrors are available, including a range of noncircular shapes such as elliptical and octagonal.
Optical Surfaces

On-axis parabolic mirrors have use in laser physics research

Using dielectric coating technology, fast focusing on-axis mirrors are employed with high-power femtosecond lasers at 750–850 nm in laser physics research.

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Optical Surfaces

High-magnification beam expanders deliver 30x magnifications

The A1 series of reflective beam expanders deliver 30x magnifications from small aperture (2 mm) high-power laser beam lines.
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Executive Forum

Photonics business roundup: August 2022

Let’s recap all the business announcements in photonics from August 2022.
Optical Surfaces

Off-axis parabolic mirrors have use in petawatt laser beamlines

Off-axis parabolic mirrors are used to maximize power density at the focus of petawatt laser beamlines.
Optical Surfaces

Fabry-Perot etalon pairs have use in ultra-high resolution interferometry

50-mm-diameter fused silica Fabry-Perot etalon pairs with matching accuracies of > λ/200 are offered for ultra-high resolution interferometry.
Optical Surfaces

Beam collimators feature achromatic design

LW-series beam collimators incorporate a low-expansion off-axis parabolic mirror, manufactured to greater than λ/10 p-v surface accuracy.
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Optical Surfaces lightweight mirrors come with test data

Lightweight mirrors are designed with enough rigidity to ensure ultra-high precision optical performance while reducing weight.
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Optical Surfaces off-axis paraboloids feature typical microroughness less than 1.2 nm RMS

A line of off-axis paraboloids is suited for broadband or multiple wavelength applications.
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
DESIS aboard the International Space Station.

Collimator and interferometric alignment system enable environmental monitoring from the ISS

UV-Vis-NIR collimator and laser unequal path-length interferometer supplied by Optical Surfaces helped set up the DESIS hyperspectral Earth-observation instrument.
(Image credit: SSTL)
Shown is an Earth Observation Satellite being built.

Optical Surfaces ultraflat mirrors chosen for Earth Observation Satellite Telescope testing

Optical Surfaces is supplying ultraflat mirrors to test the telescopes for Earth Observation Satellites.
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Optical Surfaces athermalized beam expanders are aluminum-coated

Athermalized beam expanders are based on a Dall-Kirkham off-axis mirror design that incorporates INVAR elements to provide thermal stabilization from the UV to the IR.
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Optical Surfaces astronomical optics detect low levels of light

From the IR to the x-ray wavelength range, astronomical optics use light-controlling components for imaging celestial objects, such as using a telescope.
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Custom beamsplitters from Optical Surfaces available

High-precision, custom-designed beamsplitters in a variety of shapes are manufactured to a surface accuracy of λ/20 p-v at 633 nm.
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The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) selected Optical Surfaces to manufacture and supply a 160 mm diameter lens and collimator lens assembly to maintain the high performance and achromatic nature of the reflective optics of the Aristarchos telescope but over a much wider field of view.

Optical Surfaces supplies wide-field imaging lenses for Aristarchos Telescope

Optical Surfaces supplied the National Observatory of Athens with precision lenses for the Aristarchos Telescope.
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Reflective beam expanders from Optical Surfaces are aspheric mirror-based

Vacuum-compatible reflective beam expanders are aspheric mirror-based devices that offer either beam expansion or reduction capabilities.
(Image credit: EUROfusion)
An infrared camera view shows the inside of the JET fusion vessel.

Optical Surfaces to supply diagnostic optics for fusion research project

Optical Surfaces received a sizeable order for relay imaging reflective optics for the JET European fusion project.
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Optical Surfaces aspheric lenses have use in high-power laser focusing applications

Aspheric lenses up to 600 mm diameter feature a surface finish of 20/10 scratch/dig, 1 nm rms surface roughness, and low f-numbers for applications including high-power laser ...
Optical Surfaces Ltd

Optical Surfaces produces customer-specific prisms

Configurations include amici/roof, bi-Fresnal, corner cube retroreflectors, dove, and equilateral.
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Optical windows from Optical Surfaces measure up to 600 mm in diameter

Laser windows made from glasses including BK-7 and fused silica offer good homogeneity and transmission from the ultraviolet (UV) to the near-infrared (NIR) and measure up to ...
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Test & Measurement

Hyperbolic optics from Optical Surfaces feature surface finish of 10/5

Hyperbolic optics, otherwise known as hyperboloids, are available in sizes up to 500 mm in diameter, with typical wavefront error of λ/20 P-V, surface finish of 10/5, and microroughness...
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Optical Surfaces debris shields for target-facing optics

Debris shields to protect target-facing optics located in high-power laser facilities use a range of glasses, including BK-7 and fused silica, which offer homogeneity and transmission...
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Optical Surfaces toroidal mirrors available in dimensions up to 400 mm

Custom toroidal mirrors are manufactured from Zerodur, BK7, and fused silica with typical surface accuracy better than λ/5 and surface quality of 20:10 scratch dig.
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On-axis parabolic mirror from Optical Surfaces features UV-silver coating

An F0.8 on-axis parabolic mirror of 175-mm diameter has surface accuracy better than λ/10 P-V and smoothness of 20/10 scratch/dig.

Optical Surfaces delivers ultraprecise Zerodur parabola (fabricated deep underground) for physics research

An ultraprecise parabolic mirror created by Optical Surfaces and designed for use with a petawatt laser has been delivered to the Central Laser Facility at the STFC Rutherford...
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Optical Surfaces high-power laser mirrors suit femtosecond lasers

Durable coated mirrors up to 600 mm in diameter are being produced for use with high-power femtosecond lasers operating at 750 to 850 nm with power densities up to 100 mJ/cm2 ...
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Optical Surfaces concave spherical mirrors for Schlieren imaging

These concave spherical mirrors up to 800 mm in diameter are suitable for Schlieren imaging applications involving airflow turbulence, explosive shockwaves, gas leaks, and visualization...