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OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, fiber-to-the-subscriber (FTTX) and specialty photonics products.


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FlightLinx® PLUS Fiber Optic Cable

Designed for inflight entertainment, internet access, networking and display systems used in commercial aircraft. A 1.8 mm ruggedized single jacket cable design and premium62....


Lasers & Sources

Raman fiber laser module has use in free-space optical communications

A 150 W, 1480 nm Raman fiber laser module is designed to serve as a high-brightness pump source for other fiber and solid-state lasers.
(Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)
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Laser Focus World’s top 20 photonics technology picks for 2020

Photonics advances in 2020 include commercial hollow-core fiber, deep learning for numerous purposes, and advanced ultrafast lasers for materials processing.
(Courtesy of Thomas Hellerer, University of Applied Sciences Munich)
FIGURE 1. High-resolution multiphoton image of a human stem cell with ATTO-labeled actin and DAPI-labeled nucleus.
Detectors & Imaging

Next-generation ultrafast lasers reduce barriers to nonlinear cell imaging

Mode-locked fiber and disk lasers accelerate the adoption of nonlinear microscopy for high-resolution chemical imaging of cells.
FIGURE 1. Low-latency hollow-core fiber provides high-frequency traders advantages for tower-to-tower, tower-to-datacenter, and inter- and intra-datacenter connections.
Fiber Optics

Hollow-core fiber gives high-frequency traders an edge

Hollow-core photonic-bandgap fiber delivers a 1.5 μs/km latency improvement compared to conventional glass-core fiber—a boon for the high-frequency trader market.
(Courtesy of the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton)
In a schematic of the 0.28 dB/km hollow-core NANF fiber (a), the white lines are cross-sections of the silica tubes that form the guiding core. Reflection from the tubes guides light along the empty central region. A spectral plot (b) compares the attenuation of the 0.28 dB/km fiber (This work in blue) to that of pure silica-core fiber (PSCF in pink), the previous record-holding NANF fiber (NANF in red), and an earlier Southampton design for a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber (PBGF in green).
Fiber Optics

Hollow-core optical fibers may have a bright future

The newest hollow-core fiber has an attenuation only twice that of today’s best solid-core single-mode fibers.
Fiber Optics

OFS optical fiber works in pulsed fiber lasers for surface treatment

TrueXMF Yb 200/375 optical fiber is suited for pulsed fiber lasers used in industrial surface treatment applications.
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Positioning, Support & Accessories

Laser Focus World announces 2018 Innovators Awards

For the first time, Laser Focus World has held its Innovators Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in the photonics...
Biophotonics Tools

FIBER OPTICS/BIOMEDICAL DEVICE ENGINEERING: Sterilization for success: Applying optical fiber in biomedicine

Sterilization of components is a critical step in the manufacture of biomedical devices. As demonstrated by a new study of sterilization techniques on various types of optical...
Fiber Optics

OFS Specialty Photonics Division intros highly nonlinear fiber

New highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) features stable phase matching for improved nonlinear efficiency (HNLF-SPINE).
FIGURE 1. a) The beam profile of a conventional low-loss, 19-cell hollow-core fiber after 20 m shows distortions caused by higher-order modes. b) A spectrogram of the 19-cell fiber shows higher-order mode content as a function of wavelength and differential group delay, revealing large numbers of higher-order modes at low-loss wavelengths. c) The beam profile from a PRISM fiber, and d) a spectrogram of the PRISM fiber show the result of using the shunt cores to robustly eliminate higher-order modes and achieve effectively single-mode operation.
Fiber Optics

NOVEL USES OF OPTICAL FIBER: PRISM makes hollow-core fibers single-moded

Hollow-core fibers designed via the "perturbed resonance for improved single modedness" (PRISM) approach rapidly attenuate higher-order modes while allowing the fundamental mode...

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(Photo credit: SPIE)
Attendees make their way into the SPIE Photonics West 2022 exhibition hall.

SPIE Photonics West 2023 exhibitor products (UPDATED 1/27)

Get a first look at what will be shown on the SPIE Photonics West 2023 exhibit floor.
FIGURE 1. The LP01 fundamental mode for conventional singlemode fiber (upper left) is contrasted with a 900 μm2 effective area for a conventional large-mode-area (LMA) fiber (lower left), scaled to their relative sizes. But the measured beam profile from an erbium-doped higher-order-mode (HOM) fiber operating in the LP011 mode (right) shows a much larger 4000 μm2 effective area, enabling fiber amplification with low levels of nonlinearity.
Fiber Optics

FIBER AMPLIFIERS: Higher-order modes expand optical fiber amplifier performance

In the push to scale fiber lasers and amplifiers to higher and higher average powers and pulse energies, one of the routes to decreasing the nonlinearities that typically limit...
OFS Specialty Photonics Division Accutether singlemode fiber
Fiber Optics

Singlemode fiber from OFS is available in long continuous lengths

Accutether single-mode fiber is designed for defense applications where the fiber experiences tight bend, such as a coil.
(Courtesy of OFS Laboratories)
A series of SNAP microresonators is formed by nanoscale variation of the optical fiber diameter. Each resonator can be fed light from a tapered fiber tip; a similar tip can collect light from the resonator.

Nanoscale modifications of optical-fiber diameter create super-high Q whispering-gallery resonators

Somerset, NJ--Researchers at OFS Laboratories have developed a sub-melting-point fabrication technique to modify the diameter of conventional optical fiber, creating high Q (quality...
(Courtesy of OFS Denmark)
The refractive index profile is shown for a germanium oxide depressed-cladding few-moded fiber (a) designed for optical-dispersion compensation in coherent communications networks. Its effective area and dispersion (b) exceed those for existing fiber designs.

FEW-MODED FIBER: Dispersion-compensating fibers show 4X+ improvement

Scientists at OFS Denmark (Brøndby, Denmark) and OFS Labs (Somerset, NJ) have developed a dispersion-compensating optical fiber with a factor of 5.0 improvement in figure of merit...
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Lasers & Sources

OFS tunable laser offers wavelengths from 1528 to 1564 nm

Suitable as a signal or local light source, a narrow-linewidth, full-band tunable laser for 100 Gbit/s digital coherent transmission provides an output higher than 40 mW in the...
Fiber Optics

Syntec, OFS ISO certifications aim to reassure buyers of polymer optics, optical components for medical devices

Two optics component suppliers--Syntec Optics (Pavilion, NY) and OFS, Specialty Photonics Division (Avon, CT)--report ISO certification compliance achievements, which reinforce...

OFS Specialty Photonics Division achieves ISO 13485 certification for medical sub-component manufacturing

OFS, Specialty Photonics Division, says its Avon, CT facility has achieved certification to the international management system standard ISO 13485 The facility invested in this...
Fiber Optics

OFS, Laseroptik celebrate 25 years in specialty photonics, and coatings/laser mirrors

The Specialty Photonics Division of OFS (Avon, CT) has something in common with coatings and laser-mirror developer Laseroptik (Garbsen, Germany): both are celebrating 25 years...
Fiber Optics

OFS explores new applications for higher-order mode fiber laser technology

Avon, CT--OFS Specialty Photonics is inviting collaborators to develop new applications that are based on two breakthroughs from its laboratories in higher-order mode (HOM) technology...
FIGURE 1. A signal enters a few-moded fiber used to obtain ultra-large-mode-area HOM propagation via the conventional, Gaussian-shaped fundamental mode, and is then converted to the desired higher-order mode with long-period fiber-gratings (inset on left shows the broadband, highly efficient nature of this mode conversion). After propagation (passive fiber) or amplification (rare-earth-doped fiber), the signal can exit in one of three conditions: the signal can be free-space propagated in the higher-order mode itself (top right), or converted to a Gaussian mode with a phase plate (middle right) or to another fiber grating (bottom right). Inset on the right shows that a module with input and output gratings can be achieved with less than 0.5 dB loss.
Fiber Optics

FIBERS FOR FIBER LASERS: Higher-order mode propagation may enable power scaling

Few-moded fibers in which a single higher-order mode is excited offer large mode areas, high bend tolerance, and the potential for dispersion tailoring.
Fiber Optics

OFS technology advances high-power fiber lasers

Somerset, NJ--Researchers at OFS Laboratories have developed mode transformation technology that enables the use of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers without many of the ...

OFS pursues breakthroughs in fiber-laser design

ith a new two-year Advanced Technology Program (ATP) award in its pocket, OFS Laboratories is hoping to achieve the breakthroughs in optical fiber design that will enable the ...