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Jenoptik’s BioPhotonics Group garners four new development orders

The new projects demonstrate Jenoptik’s precision optical system design capabilities and its commitment to advancing medical devices.
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Grant to boost development of optical fiber sensor-equipped breathing tube

The optical fiber sensor-based endotracheal tube, called iTraXS, aims to prevent pressure injury to the airway and to assist with monitoring vital signs.
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Biophotonics Tools

Custom optical systems to support rapid point-of-care testing for COVID-19

Gray Optics' optical systems support rapid COVID-19 testing based on molecular, antigen, or antibody detection, and the company has doubled its staff to meet aggressive product...
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Biophotonics Tools

Cytek Biosciences wraps Series D funding round

The investment will be used to expand the company’s global infrastructure, sustain its growing momentum, and enable it to deliver on its flow cytometry technology platform.
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Tunable high-power femtosecond yellow laser has biomedical uses

The yellow-orange spectral range is highly absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood, making lasers with these wavelengths particularly useful for biomedical applications.
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Active photonic wireless system could power medical implants

The “active photonic power transfer” method can generate electrical power in the body.
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Ready-to-use lens aims to make adaptive optics for microscopy simpler

The lens functions like the deformable mirror used in most adaptive optics setups, but instead of reflecting light, it transmits light.
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UVC LED irradiation could kill MDR pathogens, without side effects

Irradiation with UVC light can be used to destroy microorganisms without allowing resistances to develop, and has potential use in preventing COVID-19 disease.
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Biophotonics Tools

Green laser from Photonics Industries aids in COVID-19 research

The laser is being used by the NIH to visualize the size of microscopic “speech droplets” that were suggested to be one of the transmission mechanisms responsible for the community...