Biophotonics Techniques


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Single-tube flow cytometry assay available

May 13, 2023
The 20-Color Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Panel is a pre-optimized, single-tube flow cytometry assay for running AML analysis.
Craic Technologies
Test & Measurement

Microspectrophotometer offers 2.0 nm spectral resolution

May 8, 2023
The 2030PV PRO microspectrophotometer combines high-resolution optics and advanced software algorithms to allow quick, accurate measurements of the spectral properties of microscopic...
(Courtesy of Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
FIGURE 1. A biosensor system developed by a team at Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization–Volcani Institute and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem can detect and monitor continuously, and in real time, infections in potatoes before they’ve grown to the surface.
Bio&Life Sciences

Biosensors: A tool to combat food waste

May 5, 2023
A growing global population and climate change are prompting scientists to explore new ways to reduce food loss and waste. A top candidate? Biosensors.
(Courtesy of Laia Josa Culleré, IQAC-CSIC)
FIGURE 1. Photopharmacology is a promising approach to treating diseases such as cancer more effectively and with fewer harmful side effects.
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Changing the face of cancer treatment with light-controlled drugs

March 9, 2023
Photopharmacology, an emerging approach to treating diseases, has the potential to upend conventional tactics for combatting cancer.
(Courtesy of RSP Systems)
A miniaturized, wearable sensor reads blood glucose levels quickly and noninvasively using miniature laser diodes.
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Wearable device promises easier glucose monitoring

March 3, 2023
While techniques to monitor blood glucose levels have made the process easier for those with diabetes, some level of invasiveness remains. A new device could help.
(Courtesy of InSpek)
FIGURE 1. Schematic principle of waveguide-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (WERS). The excitation laser propagates in a waveguide; the evanescent field of the waveguide mode excites the analyte present at the surface of the chip. Some of the generated Raman signal is collected by the waveguide and guided to the spectrometer for detection.
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Versatility, continued advancement help Raman spectroscopy shine

July 21, 2022
Since its inception nearly a century ago, Raman spectroscopy has evolved into a powerful tool for biomedical research.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Spectrophotometer features sample-retention technology

June 9, 2022
The NanoDrop Lite Plus Microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometer measures purified DNA, RNA, and protein concentration up to 30 Abs.
(Image credit: NCI-Frederick, public domain; Kinetic River Corp.)
FIGURE 1. Cells can be characterized by several attributes, including size, nucleus shape, and presence and abundance of several hundred surface antigens identified so far. A solution of fluorophore-coupled antibodies matching a target antigen is mixed with the cell sample; the label-carrying antibodies only sticks to those cells presenting the antigens of interest. As those cells get exposed to a laser beam, the attached fluorophores emit fluorescence that identifies the cell in question.
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Advances in flow cytometry

April 25, 2022
The development of time-resolved flow cytometry (TRFC) adds speed, ease, and efficiency to the entire cell-analysis process.
Teledyne Princeton Instruments
Detectors & Imaging

CCD cameras feature deep-depletion design

April 24, 2022
The LANSIS 261 CCD cameras also feature a 30.72 × 3.96 mm sensor.