Next generation tunable infrared lasers

Discussion of more powerful and stable quantum cascade tunable infrared lasers, applications, and test results.

This webinar was originally broadcast on January 17, 2024. 

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Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) are a truly unique innovation in infrared illumination combining the impressive power of coherent lasers with the broadband output of traditional incandescent sources. By uniting the best of both in one device, QCL provides tens of milliwatts of collimated average optical power and tuning from 800 to 2000 cm-1 (~5-13µm).  This has enabled spectroscopy to be performed in many applications that were previously not addressable, such as characterizing liquid samples in-situ, identifying gasses over hundreds of meters of open air, and performing spectroscopy on surfaces from many meters of standoff distance.

Design of these unique light sources has been evolving over the past decade as early adopters have refined the requirements and manufacturing of the technology has matured.  Block has released a 2nd generation external cavity QCL which provides substantially improved performance in our traditional compact form factor.

Please join us for a discussion of recent advances in tunable infrared laser technology for use in optical experiments and instrument integration including:

  • What is a Quantum Cascade Laser and how does it work?
  • Recent advances in QCL design
  • Performance enhancements and test results
  • Application examples in spectroscopy and portable instrument design
  • How can you capitalize on the benefits of QCLs in your projects?

We hope you can join us for this informative discussion lead by 2 knowledgeable scientists with rich experience in infrared spectroscopy and system development.


Andrew Mendizabal
Laser Systems Applications Scientist
Block Engineering

Andrew leads Block’s efforts to design, test, and deliver best in class laser products for use in spectroscopic research and OEM integration. In this capacity he leverages his experience in semiconductor fabrication and metrology, along with an MS in Physics with emphasis on optics and spectroscopy.

Peter Loges
V.P. Product Management
Block Engineering

Peter is responsible for product strategy and execution to align Block’s innovative laser technologies and sensor systems with market requirements. These responsibilities leverage his decades of experience in infrared technology companies, and degrees in physics and business management.

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