Ocean Optics partners with Pyreos on mid-IR spectroscopy solutions

Feb. 6, 2018
The combination will enable businesses and researchers to create rapid, accurate, field-portable mid-IR spectroscopy devices.

Ocean Optics (Largo, FL) has expanded its spectroscopy capabilities by partnering with Pyreos Limited (Edinburgh, Scotland) to develop new mid-IR (MIR) solutions. Unlike traditional FTIR spectrometers, the combination of Pyreos detectors and Ocean Optics applied spectroscopy knowledge will enable businesses and researchers to create rapid, accurate, and field-portable devices. MIR technology makes possible a wealth of potential applications in chemical and pharmaceutical quality, food and agriculture analysis, environmental testing, and scientific research.

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Ocean Optics has applications and OEM development experience across the UV, Visible, and NIR ranges, while Pyreos is the world's only supplier of thin-film PZT pyroelectric sensors. These are used for MIR sensing including in-line arrays. The partnership combines Ocean Optics spectrometer design and manufacturing expertise with the Pyreos line array technology.

Ocean and Pyreos are working on an ultrafast, compact Mid-IR ATR reflectance system for labs that will set a new benchmark for size and value in the research and science market. This is expected in the first half of 2018. One of the first OEM products to result from the collaboration is a device intended for anti-counterfeit detection in food, including milk contamination. The device will screen for the presence of adulterants.

The companies say that the speed, compact size, and robustness of MIR-based devices will enable new OEM products to meet the needs of challenging applications such as food safety, oil quality, and anti-counterfeiting. Ocean Optics and Pyreos are co-developing bespoke MIR solutions for customers and are actively seeking new application areas.

"The collaboration with Pyreos allows us to broaden our mid-IR applications expertise while being part of projects with life-changing potential," said Lora Allemeier, president of Ocean Optics. "We will continue to explore strategic partnerships with the leading innovators in optical sensing and take on emerging analytical challenges on a global scale."

Andrew Wallace, CEO of Pyreos, said, "Compact Mid-IR spectrometry sensors and products are now a 'pull' market and we see increasing awareness of new applications across the industry. Ocean Optics is a recognized leader in spectrometry and has brought expertise and precision to the project. Partnerships such as this are key to rapid development of new Mid-IR techniques."

SOURCE: Ocean Optics; https://oceanoptics.com/2018/

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