Compact DFB green laser achieves 100 mW output and 100 MHz modulation

Feb. 13, 2012
Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan--QD Laser, the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu developed a high-power 532 nm compact green laser module with high-speed modulation capability.

Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan--QD Laser, the Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics at the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu Laboratories have jointly developed a high-power 532 nm compact green laser module with high efficiency and high-speed modulation capability. The distributed feedback (DFB) laser combines a near-infrared, high-power, single-mode laser with wavelength conversion technology to produce a compact 0.5 cc laser module with green light output of greater than 100 mW under CW (continuous wave) conditions and high-speed modulation of more than 100 MHz.

The module is applicable to florescence microscopy or spectral analysis in life science or biomedical applications, and precise measurements and nondestructive inspection in industry. It can also be used for heads-up displays and ultracompact projectors--picoprojectors--in consumer electronics. QD Laser will start sampling a precursor product, QLD0593-P50, with > 50 mW output power as of Q2 2012 and will start mass from the 2nd quarter of 2012 and targets mass production for Q4.

QD Laser developed 1064 nm high-power single-mode lasers optimized for wavelength conversion in collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories and the University of Tokyo. This development was based on the collective core proprietary technologies of semiconductor crystal growth, precise grating fabrication, and device design technology. Furthermore, the newly developed module assembling technology enables precise integration of the laser chip and wavelength conversion crystal. According to the test results of the prototype module, 100 mW output power was obtained with power dissipation of about 900 mW, which means high wall-plug efficiency of more than 10%. For the optical spectral characteristics, narrow linewidth of less than 0.01 nm with a high side-mode suppression ratio was obtained, which is particularly suitable for precise measurements using an optical interference or high resolution spectroscopy.

In addition, the prototype module delivers high-speed optical modulation capability of more than 100 MHz and a short pulse of less than 1 ns operation. This was done with a simple direct current modulation scheme, which showed that it could be effective for time resolved spectroscopy and other fields.

QD Laser markets 1064 nm band DFB laser modules, mainly for industrial applications including as a seed source for fiber lasers, and has already shipped them to more than 30 companies worldwide. QD Laser's in-house epitaxial growth and grating technology provides the flexibility to handle a wide range of wavelength bands and is now extending the wavelength lineup of DFB laser modules from 1030 to 1300 nm. QD Laser also has the potential to extend wavelength lineup by combining with a wavelength conversion technology in visible wavelength regions like 515 nm and 555 nm for special green lasers or 560 nm and 590 nm for yellow to orange colors.

SOURCE: Fujitsu;

IMAGE: A prototype 100 mW green distributed feedback (DFB) laser from QD Laser, the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu laboratories is extremely compact and achieves a 100 MHz modulation rate. (Courtesy Fujitsu)

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