Laser diode from ELK Industries does not require TE cooling

Sept. 8, 2011
The new Blue Max Laser diode, LD 2445, produces 1 W of blue, 445 nm output. A 1.5 W, CW version is also available.
The new Blue Max Laser diode, LD 2445, produces 1 W of blue, 445 nm output. A 1.5 W, CW version is also available. The laser diode can operate at <27°C, at room temperature of 25°C, and uses a small heat sink (4 × 4 × 1 in.) with no TE cooling required. The OEM modules measure 4 × 4 × 6 in. with FDA/CDRH/IeC versions available.ELK Industries
Melbourne, FL
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More Products ----- PRESS RELEASE RE: NEW 1 WATT "BLUE MAXTM" 445 nm LASER DIODES & MODULES BREAKTHROUGH After Designing and Building Certified (FDA/CDRH/IEC Compliant) LASERS for over 25 Years, ELK Industries, LLC has a Breakthrough LASER diode Product, along with an OEM diode Module that can Produce 1 watt of Blue, 445 nm output. We now have the Same Device in 1.5 watts, CW (Max.). The Technical Data for the "BLUE MAXTM" LASER Diode, designated the LD 2445, 1 Watt, 445 nm Device is detailed on Our Data Sheet for the LD 2445. The most significant breakthrough is the Low Cost of these Items. These (standard 5.6 mm Package) LASER Diodes, type LD 2445, have a target price of under $300 each, in large quantities, and (still) less than $400 each, in unit quantities to OEM Qualified recipients. For the output in the BLUE @ 440-445 nm, with 1 watt Output, this represents a substantial savings over the only other existing 1 watt Blue LASERS, which, until now, are typically DPSS Type LASERS. In addition to the low cost LASER Diodes, the LD 2445, themselves, ELK Industries has very low cost, complete, OEM LASER Modules, with 1 Watt Outputs and have a Collimator to narrow the beam waist to less than 1 mm. The input to the LASER Module is 100 - 240 VAC, at 50 - 60Hz. Essentially, an OEM LASER Module of High Power (1 Watt) in the Blue, at 440-445 nm is the lowest cost, 1 watt LASER Module available anywhere that we are aware of. The collimator is fixed in a position, relative to the LASER Diode in order to decrease (dramatically) the divergence of the LASER Output from the LASER Diode. An Additional optical assembly can reduce the divergence even further - keeping the spot size under 10 mm, even over extended extended distances. The Power Supply has an adjustment to control the LASER Output Power. ELK Industries is planning to sell these (OEM) LASER Modules for well under $1,000! The LASER Diode LD 2445 is so very efficient, that it can operate at a cool temperature (<27 degrees, C), at room temperature of 25 degrees, C, using a relatively small heat sink (4" x 4" x 1"). Therefore, TEC cooling is not required at all. The OEM Modules are very small, lightweight, rugged, and compact, measuring 4" x 4" x 6". FDA/CDRH/IeC versions are also available from ELK Industries, for slightly higher Pricing. However, these Prices and Offers may be for a Limited Time basis (only). This is a Spectacular LASER with many uses; in Display Technology, Dye LASER Pumping, LASER Ablation Spectroscopy, LASER Micromachining, Fluorescence Lifetime Studies, "RGB" Playback Systems, Optical Data storage, Control & elimination of MRSA, and many other Micro-Organisms, and LASER Microscopy. -----Follow us on TwitterSubscribe now to Laser Focus World magazine; it's free!
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