Ultrafast fiber laser from Toptica Photonics delivers 50 mW average power

Jan. 31, 2013
The FemtoFErb 780 ultrafast fiber laser delivers 50 mW average power at a 780 nm center wavelength, with a
The FemtoFErb 780 ultrafast fiber laser delivers 50 mW average power at a 780 nm center wavelength, with a <100 fs pulse duration at a 100 MHz repetition rate. Based on erbium-doped fiber and saturable absorber mirror (SAM) modelocking technology, the all-fiber system features a compact second-harmonic-generation (SHG) unit and free-beam output. The laser can serve as a seeding source for Ti:sapphire systems, and typical applications include SHG microscopy, multiphoton excitation, and other biophotonics applications.Toptica Photonics
Munich, Germany
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----- PRESS RELEASE FemtoFErb 780: turnkey pulses with < 100 fs World's most compact and cost effective ultrafast fiber laser TOPTICA’s new FemtoFErb 780, a turnkey laser system, delivers 50 mW average power at 780 nm center wavelength with a pulse duration of less than 100 fs at a repetition rate of 100 MHz. Based on Erbium-doped fiber and saturable absorber mirror (SAM) mode-locking technology, the all-fiber system features a compact SHG unit and provides free-beam output. Combining optics with the entire control electronics on a footprint of only 202 x 122 x 69 mm3 makes the FemtoFErb 780 the world's most compact fs-fiber laser. A perfect match for the requirements of time-domain terahertz, the FemtoFErb 780 also provides an ideal seeding source for Ti:Sapphire systems. In addition, this cost-effective replacement for bulky solid-state lasers suits various applications in biophotonics, ranging from SHG microscopy to multi-photon excitation. FemtoFErb 780 fiber technology ensures its compact design with the toughest strength against vibrations and mechanical shocks. Telecom-qualified components guarantee round-the-clock reliability and a long lifetime. And finally, its passive SAM device ensures reliable self-starting and mode-locking. A plug&play system for both OEM integrators and single-unit customers, the FemtoFErb provides an electrical interface for remote control and only requires a 12 V supply to drive all internal electronics. An optional SwitchBox provides all switches, supplies and status lines needed to run the laser as a stand-alone system. Key Features *Center wavelength: 780 nm *Pulse duration < 100 fs *Output power > 50 mW *Truly turnkey operation *Free-beam output *Saturable-absorber mirror technology *Compact footprint (202 x 122 x 69 mm3) *All necessary control electronics inside *USB interface (optional) *Telcordia-proven components *State-of-the-art fiber technology: robust and reliable all-fiber setup TOPTICA Photonics AG develops, manufactures, services and distributes technology-leading diode and fiber lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. Sales and service are offered worldwide through TOPTICA Germany and its subsidiary TOPTICA USA, as well as all through 14 distributors. A key point of the company philosophy is the close cooperation between development and research to meet our customers’ demanding requirements for sophisticated customized system solutions and their subsequent commercialization. -----Follow us on TwitterSubscribe now to Laser Focus World magazine; it's free!

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