Optical focus module from New Scale powers eSight assistive vision technology

May 31, 2013
Victor, NY--The miniature M3-F optical focus module from New Scale Technologies is a key component in eSight eyewear from eSight Corporation that assists the visually impaired.

IMAGE: eSight eyewear for people with low vision incorporates New Scale’s M3-F focus module with a high-resolution video camera and two displays.(Image credit: eSight Corporation)

Victor, NY--The miniature M3-F optical focus module from New Scale Technologies is a key component in eSight eyewear, a new class of wearable, electronic assistive vision technology launched in 2012 by eSight Corporation (Ottawa, ON, Canada). The eSight eyewear incorporates a high-resolution video camera and a high-contrast display for each eye, and is customized to enhance the remaining vision of individuals with conditions such as macular degeneration (http://www.laserfocusworld.com/articles/2009/07/new-laser-eye-surgery-technique-could-prevent-age-related-macular-degeneration.html), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and more.

New Scale's M3-F focus module enables precision focus and motion control of the camera lens, driven by eSight's focus algorithms."We chose the M3-F focus module for its small size, high precision and low power requirements," said Rob Hilkes, VP product management at eSight. "As a complete motion module it was easy to integrate into our system, and helped us meet our targets for high performance, low weight and long battery life."

The M3-F module is composed of New Scale's piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motor (http://www.laserfocusworld.com/articles/2011/06/new-scale-developers-kit-for-linear-motion-module-offers-travel-to-6-mm.html), Hall effect position sensor, drive IC, and microprocessor with firmware integrated into a single 20 x 22 x 16 mm package, not significantly larger than a fixed lens holder. It operates on 3.3 V battery power and accepts high-level motion commands from the system processor using a standard I2C interface.

"It is very rewarding to work with an innovative company like eSight, who are pushing the edge of wearable assistive technology with this mobile, hands-free device," said David Henderson, co-CEO of New Scale Technologies. "We are pleased that our miniature motion technology is being applied to create smaller products that improve quality of life for individuals with low vision."

New Scale Technologies develops small, precise motion systems for critical adjustments of optics in imaging devices and many other micropositioning applications for consumer imaging, biometric authentication, surveillance, medical devices, scientific instruments, haptic systems, and many other markets.

eSight Corporation develops intelligent eyewear for people challenged by degenerative eye diseases. eSight is primarily focused on eSight eyewear, assistive technology that helps people with low vision lead more independent lives at home and at work.

SOURCE: New Scale Technologies; http://www.newscaletech.com/press-releases/pr130528.php

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