New Scale developer's kit for linear motion module offers travel to 6 mm


Developer’s kits for the miniature M3-L closed-loop linear motion module include an M3-L module, a USB adapter, and Pathway software for evaluation and prototyping. Configured for I2C or SPI serial interfaces, the modules include a bullet nose for pushing and a hook tip for pulling loads up to approximately 0.2 N. Standard travel is 6 mm.
New Scale Technologies
Victor, NY

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Developer's kits now available for miniature M3-L closed-loop linear motion module 

High-resolution miniature positioning system targets RF, microwave and photonics tuning applications as well as optical instrumentation, UAV controls and biomedical systems

Victor, NY – January 31, 2011 - New Scale Technologies today announced that developer's kits for its miniature M3-L closed-loop linear motion module are available for purchase online, shipping from stock, at Each kit includes an M3-L module for precision closed-loop linear motion, along with a USB adapter and New Scale Pathway software for easy evaluation and prototyping. Configured for I2C or SPI serial interface, the modules in the developer's kits are offered with a bullet nose for pushing and a hook tip for pulling loads up to approximately 0.2 Newtons. Standard travel is 6 mm.

Each M3-L module is an integrated micro-mechatronics system incorporating a piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motor, position sensor, driver and microprocessor in a compact 27.5 x 13 x 7.5 mm housing. No external control board is necessary.

Developer's Kit Specifications        

Model  DK-M3L-1.8-TRK-6.0
Dimensions  27.5 x 13 x 7.5 mm
Serial Interface I2C or SPI
Travel range  6 mm
Speed > 5 mm/s
Resolution 0.5 micron
Linear accuracy +/- 25 micron
Input voltage 3.1 to 3.6 V
Input power

< 500 mW full speed, < 200 mW quiescent

(Power depends on input voltage, speed and load)

Weight (without tips) 4.5 grams









Price and availability

Developer's Kits are $750 and are available from stock. Order online at or call +1 (585) 924-4450 x2.

M3-L production modules are customized to OEM specifications. Pricing and delivery depend on specifications and volume. Custom prototypes are typically available 8 weeks after acceptance of proposal. RFPs can be submitted online at

About New Scale Technologies, Inc.
New Scale Technologies ( is an innovation and micro-manufacturing company delivering ingeniously small motion systems. We serve worldwide markets for mobile products, medical devices, defense and security systems and industrial instruments. Every day our creative engineers and scientists use their deep understanding of micro-mechatronic technologies to solve the most demanding customer problems. We combine our talents with the capabilities of our global strategic partners, to provide "best in class" integrated circuits, ceramic components and high-volume manufacturing. Through direct customer engagements, continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we deliver disruptively small, precise and low-power motion systems that enable our customers to create smaller feature-rich products.

New Scale's SQUIGGLE micro motors, TRACKER position sensors and M3 micro-mechatronic modules enable design engineers to create smaller products including cameras for mobile phone,  medical, military and industrial applications; portable drug delivery and implantable medical devices; endoscopes; precision tuning devices; UAV controls; precision optics and photonic control systems; and cryogenic and MRI-compatible instrumentation.

SQUIGGLE is a registered trademark and TRACKER and New Scale Pathway are trademarks of New Scale Technologies, Inc. 


Posted by Lee Mather

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