Qubiz aims to make quantum technology practical

The Quantum Innovation Center or Qubiz has been launched in Copenhagen to translate quantum physics into practical technology.

The Quantum Innovation Center or Qubiz has been launched in Copenhagen with the goal of translating quantum physics into practical quantum technology. The Danish project involves the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark DTU, and Aarhus University, along with 18 industrial partners. Qubiz will be building on the very strong Danish research platform within quantum technology, a platform that has its origin in Niels Bohr's pioneering work 100 years ago.

The CEO for the new Center is Søren Isaksen, who previously served as the CTO of the NKT Group and is a member and chairmen of various research councils. In addition to leading the center, his job will be to reach out to Danish and foreign companies and, with the researchers, to help find out where there is potential for starting new businesses. A 2-year seed funding grant of 11M EUR from the Innovation Fund Denmark enables the hiring of new employees with business and engineering backgrounds, as well as researchers.

According to Isaksen, the Center will engage with existing businesses, Danish as well as international companies, to develop new products and lay the foundation for new businesses. On April 15, Qubiz held a kick-off event that included seven elevator-pitches presenting potential startups--two of these have now being established and more are on the way.

Isaksen says the initial grant is in accordance with the budget of a 5-year application that has a total budget of approximately 50M EUR when contributions from industry and universities are included. He notes that the EU Commision recently announced that it intends to start a new quantum technology flagship within the Horizon2020 program with a funding of 1B EUR.

Qubiz is currently seeking a Business Development Officer with international experience to lead activities related to collaboration with existing industrial partners, to identify and develop new partners, and to evaluate potential and startup businesses.

More information on Qubiz and potential opportunities may be found at http://qubiz.dk/

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