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High-temperature epoxy adhesive

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Tra-Bond F211 has a Tg of 150ºC and is designed for high-temperature applications. The durable epoxy is thermal shock resistant and is suitable for use in wet or dry autoclave cycles. The adhesive binds to materials including glass fibers, ceramics, metals and many plastics. It has a pot life of five hours and cures in minutes at high temperatures to a shore D hardness of 88.
Tra-Con, Bedford, MA
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Miniature waveplates

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The Series AO-0.5-TZ Microminiature Waveplates allow packaging of a complete laser handling system in a small, transceiver-like housing. The waveplates measure 0.5 x 0.5 mm and are fabricated from crystal quart to 90 µm thick. The primary wavelength is 1550 nm. Custom configurations are available.
Tower Optical,
Delray Beach, FL
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Laser-diode modules

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A new line of 635-nm laser- diode modules incorporates Hitachi circular-beam MARU laser diodes. The modules provide circular output beams of 2.2-mm diameter, output power from 0.9 to 4.4 mW and cylindrical or flange mount packages. They are designed for applications including automotive, construction and industrial alignment.
Photonics Products,
Hertfordshire, England
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Recirculating chiller engineering lab

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An upgraded recirculating chiller engineering lab includes a new semi-anechoic chamber, for chiller sound testing. The lab also includes an HVAC system with a 15-ton air conditioner to ensure temperature stability during chiller testing, a water facility for testing water-cooled chillers and operation at 50/60 Hz power at all voltages.
Lytron, Woburn, MA
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193-nm lithography excimer laser

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The NovaLine A4003 is an ultra-narrow-bandwidth laser for 193-nm optical lithography systems. Equipped with SOUL (single-oscillator ultra-line-narrowed), the laser has a repetition rate of 4 kHz to yield an output power of 20 W at a spectral bandwidth <0.30 pm FWHM. It has spectral purity of <0.75 pm for the 95% energy content to meet requirements of next-generation 193-nm systems.
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Lasers and detectors for OTDR testing

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Seven new MQW-FP laser-diode modules available for 1310- and 1550-nm applications in a choice of power options, in single or multimode fiber. For mainframe applications, three new high-power pulsed lasers and a detector have been introduced, all housed in hermetically sealed 14-pin DIP packages with internal thermoelectric coolers.
California Eastern Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA
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InGaAs spectrometer

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The EPP2000-NIR InGaAs detector-based spectrometer for the near-infrared (0.9 to 1.7 µm) wavelength range can be used for laboratory or portable applications. The instrument uses a standard SMA 905 fiberoptic input in a rugged, miniature (2.75 × 4 × 6 in.) enclosure. SpectraWiz Win95/98/NT/2000 operating software is included to provide real-time spectral measurements
StellarNet, Tampa, FL
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Erbium-doped fiber

EDF-980-T1 and EDF-RC-980-T1 erbium-doped fibers are designed to optimize the performance of C-band EDFAs. The EDF-980-TI features high NA and low bend loss for EDFA applications requiring tight fiber coils. The EDF-RC-980-T1 is a reduced-clad fiber for use in low-cost, small-form-factor EDFAs.
StockerYale, Salem, NH
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Solid-state lasers

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The diode-based Starbright laser series includes the Starbright 785, Starbright 785S, Starbright 980, and Starbright 980S. These 785- and 980-nm lasers provide power levels of 800 and 500 mW and a linewidth <0.1 nm. The lasers are near diffraction limited and are suitable for single-mode fiber coupling. They are designed as a cost-effective alternative to DPSS lasers in many applications.
Torsana Laser Technologies,
Skodsborg, Denmark
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DFB laser diode

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The ML9XX37 is a single-mode DFB laser diode for 40-Gbit/s fiberoptic networks. The laser exhibits a power output of 60 mW throughout a temperature range of 0-50ºC. The device provides temperature-controlled wavelength tuning and can extend transmission to beyond 100 km when coupled with a 10-Gbit/s external modulator.
Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Sunnyvale, CA
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Multifiber imaging spectrometer

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A new UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer System has been optimized for monitoring fiber-coupled telescopes. The system has 350-mm focal-length resolution to deliver 0.1-mm scale images near axis and <0.1-nm spectral resolution. Spectroscopy and imaging experiments with varying photon energies can be performed on multiple targets from 200 to 800 nm.
McPherson, Chelmsford, MA
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Laser-diode driver

The WLD3343 ultrastable laser-diode driver is designed to offer stability in constant current or constant power mode. It measures 1.30 × 1.26 × 0.313 in. and can be operated using any laptop computer. Accessories include demo boards, LabVIEW drivers, and heatsinks and fans for high-current operation.
Wavelength Electronics,
Bozeman, MT
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External beamsplitter

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The FS Series external beamsplitter is designed for use with pulsed Nd:YAG welding lasers. The device splits a single laser output into two or three balanced energy-shared outputs, allowing one time-shared laser welder to operate up to six workstations.
Unitek Miyachi, Monrovia, CA
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The Axioskop 40 and Axioskop 40 FL microscopes combine the optical and mechanical stability of research class instruments with the new ergonomic design and the availability of all major contrasting techniques. New design features include 23-mm field of view, halogen illumination with a 4000-h lamp life, five-position reflector wheel, constant viewing angle of 20º and continuous vertical adjustment by up to 50 mm.
Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY
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Miniature linear encoder

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The new LIF400 Series miniature incremental exposed linear encoder is designed specifically for the semiconductor industry. The series utilizes a Supradur grating which offers high tolerance to contaminants such as oil, dust, and fingerprints. The encoder offers travel up to 1 m with a long-wave accuracy grade of ±3 µm.
Heidenhain, Schaumburg, IL
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PIN photodiodes

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The G8941 series of InGaAs PIN photodiodes feature a miniature ceramic package intended for laser diode monitoring. The photodiodes cover the spectral response range of 0.9 to ~1.7 mm, and are designed for both the 1.31- and 1.55-mm bands. Photosensitivity is 0.9 A/W at 1.31 mm and 0.95 A/W at 1.55 mm. Detectivity is 5 × 1012 cmHz1/2 W.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ
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Spot/wand lights

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Fitted with a rod lens assembly, the BlueWave 200-W UV spot/wand light provides uniform illumination for curing adhesives and coatings from 0.75 × 0.75 in.2 up to 5 × 5 square in. With initial output intensity of 20 W/cm2 of UVA (320-390 nm), 15 W/cm2 visible (395 to 445 nm) and 4.5 W/cm2 UVB (280 to 320 nm), the light has sufficient intensity to cure adhesives and coatings through rod lens assemblies.
Dymax, Torrington, CT
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Thermoelectric liquid chiller

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The MRC300 is a 300-W, dual-voltage 115/230 AC, free-standing thermoelectric liquid chiller for use in laser, medical and laboratory applications. Standard features include pump, reservoir, low-fluid-level detector, and 7-ft detachable power cord. An integrated solid-state temperature controller stabilizes fluid temperature to within 0.25ºC.
Melcor, Trenton, NJ
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LED light source

A new light source for general illumination has a modular design to allow wavelength changes with minimal difficulty and offers a long-term stability of 0.1%. A pulsed model for high power pulsed output has rise times of <1 µs. LED sources are available in 2- and 4-in. sizes for corresponding pulsed modules.
Innovative Scientific Solutions,
Dayton, OH
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Blue microchip laser

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The Model LMC-473-30 is a self-contained DPSS laser source that produces stable, 30-mW output power at 473-nm wavelength. Utilizing patented microchip technology, the laser has long-term power drift of <0.5% within 24-hour periods over months of continuous operation without maintenance. The laser has TEM00-mode beam quality with M2<1.1 and an RMS noise level of <0.3%. Applications include flow cytometry, DNA sequencing and RGB color display.
Lee Laser, Orlando, FL
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