Collimating lens from LIMO offers numerical aperture of 0.7

June 19, 2012
The FAC300 lens collimates the fast axis of high-performance laser diodes.

The FAC300 lens collimates the fast axis of high-performance laser diodes. It has a focal length of 300 μm and lens opening angle numerical aperture of 0.7 for use with single-emitter and bar laser diodes operating in the near-infrared from 770 to 1070 nm.
Dortmund, Germany

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Fast-axis collimator: 300 µm focal length for NIR range

Users of laser technology expect their suppliers to perform a very special kind of balancing act: The products should be tailor-made and of the corresponding excellent quality, but must only cost as much as a large series item. LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH in Dortmund has managed to perform this balancing act with their new FAC300 lens which collimates the "fast axis" of high-performance laser diodes. This newcomer is suitable - with a focal length of 300 µm and the lens opening angle NA of 0.7 - for single-emitter and bar laser diodes which operate in what is known as the NIR wavelength (770 to 1070 nm).

At LIMO they look back at almost 20 years of experience with reliable production technology which allows them to produce economical, reproducible and freely programmable wafer-based lens surfaces. "Thus there are thousands of lenses on a single wafer, all with the same excellent quality and, at the same time, a low unit cost", Dr. Oliver Homburg (Director of Advanced Optical Solutions), explains.

However, any (laser) theory always has grey areas: The Dortmund company therefore asks interested users to decide for themselves and sample the quality of the FAC300. Dr. Homburg: "As a scientist I understand skepticism towards manufacturer's claims. That's why I have one request: Put our newcomer literally under the microscope and make up your own mind".

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