Newport optics manufacturing facility adds rapid prototyping to its services

Newport has expanded and upgraded its Corion optics manufacturing facility to include rapid prototyping.

Optics and photonics solutions and systems maker Newport (Irvine, CA) has completed a capacity expansion and upgrade of its Corion optical filter and replicated mirror manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA. The facility now hosts several new coating chambers as well as dedicated space for future technology upgrades.

The primary goal in adding these systems to the facility is to provide rapid prototyping of new products for both end-user and OEM customers, and to provide dedicated space for manufacturing these critical components. These new state-of-the-art coating chambers are capable of providing fully dense thin film coatings in prototype and production quantities.

Further improvements to the facility are planned in 2016, and will focus on the upgrade of its optical assembly lab and product test areas.

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