28G VCSEL reliability study shows 35 year MTTF

May 30, 2014
A reliability study of the VI Systems V25-850C VCSEL chip for data rates of up to 28 Gbit/s confirmed that the chips can be used in constant operation at elevated temperatures with a mean time to failure (MTTF) of more than 35 years.

A reliability study of the VI Systems (Berlin, Germany) V25-850C VCSEL chip for data rates of up to 28 Gbit/s confirmed that the VCSEL chips can be used in constant operation at elevated temperatures with a useful lifetime with a mean time to failure (MTTF) value of more than 35 years.

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VI Systems, developer of ultrahigh-speed components for data communications, has completed reliability and operational studies for the V25-850Cxx chip series for up 28 Gbit/s per channel. The chip is available for 100 Gbit/s parallel data transmission at 4 x 25 Gbit/s with part number V25-850C4 and for the next generation of Infiniband EDR interconnects of up to 300 Gbit/s at 12 x 25.78 Gbit/s with part number V25-85012. The company also offers samples for next generation of 400 Gbit/s Ethernet interconnects at 16 x 25 Gbit/s.

The reliability study was performed in the format of a multi-cell accelerated aging test that included 500 pcs of individual chips that were operated at temperatures of up to 150 degree C at three different current density levels.

It was observed that for VCSEL operation at typical conditions of 45°C and 18kA/cm2 the systematic lifetime is virtually infinite. In case of constant operation at elevated heat sink temperatures (30% humidity, compact environment), a reasonable useful lifetime with MTTF values of more than 35 years for ambient (heatsink) temperatures of up to 90°C can be derived.

EZconn Czech a.s. provided the testbed facility and data acquisition. The study is available from the company website at http://www.v-i-systems.com/_data/Reliability_Report_V25-850_VCSEL_short_version.pdf.

SOURCE: VI Systems; http://www.v-i-systems.com/presse_e/detail.php?rubric=Presse_en&nr=1246

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